Looking for partners! Totally open to ideas!

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  1. Hello! I'm looking for partners. I don't really have any plots in mind as of yet.
    I'm totally open to talk about whatever you'd like to do.
    You can see all my information on my resume, but I like to play men. I have an arsinal of characters.
    I'm good with most genres, romance, crime, fantasy, whatever!

    I'm can be very frequent with replies
    I can also do very long replies, at the very least a few sentences.
    I'm quite flexible

    Couple things I'd like to do eventually
    Harry Potter

    Post on here, or send me a PM
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  2. So, you want to rp?
  3. Of course. Why else would I join this site? Haha. PM me, we'll chat.
  4. up for a mage story.... a bit more advanced compared to the Harry Potter series...... if you are interested....
  5. I would be down to give it a try
  6. how would you like me to connect with you???
  7. PM is good!
  8. Hey there, Id love to RP, and I'm open for ideas. :)
  9. Go ahead and PM me
  10. I've been craving something to do with a prostitute and a wealthy man in the time frame you listed as a favorite on your resume, if you'd be up for that?
  11. Sure! PM me!
  12. Hey! Would love to rp with you! Harry potter sounds fun or we can do arranged marriage, and others. I have lots of ideas
  13. Awesome PM me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.