Looking for partners! (+ plot ideas)

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  1. Hello, I'm MiNaGi, or Mina, and I'm looking for more partners to rp with! I have a few ideas here and there, and some are more pre-made than others. Most of them are pretty open, though *v*
    I'm looking for someone pretty open-minded who is willing to work on the rp while we go ! <33

    If you have any ideas off the bat, feel free to contact me as well! I'm not limited to any of the plots here, and if you have something good, hit me up! <3
    I would prefer MxM or FxF, though, just so you're aware. I'm more likely to not be interested if it's MxF. I dunno why this is but I thought I'd say it anyways. ; v ;

    Might add more plots later, kinda tired right now. <3

    Plot 1

    Character A is a young man working for a publishing company. One day, he is assigned to one of his favorite writers, Character B, quite surprised that he will get to work with someone that amazing. Upon further inspection, though, the female author in his mind turns out to have that as a pen name and is, in fact, a young man just like himself. Perhaps a little bit older. At first, he can't hold back his surprise - that gentle, flowery way of writing, the gentle, feminine words. He hadn't thought that the author, Character B, having a female name, would actually be male. This causes a few disputes between them at first, but they grow on each other. Turns out that they have lots in common, and they start having a more private relationship, going out to eat together as friends. After a while, though, Character B finds himself attracted to Character A, whose honest opinions and passion about writing and making writers' work look good makes Character B hopelessly attracted to him.

    For this rp, I wouldn't care which character to play, and it would be up to you. ; v ;

    Plot 2

    There are spirits all over the world, and they take care of everything. These spirits take human form and care for everything needed - the vast natures, the sea, the pale moon and the bright stars. Every spirit is one with and yet different from their duty. They even have a place on earth where they live. Deep in forests, away from the humans, they rest somewhere they cannot be seen.
    Some spirits are simply constantly wandering, with the option of someday settling - like the stars and sea. The star and sea spirit are constantly moving, whereas the sun and the moon are unmoving somewhere on the earth. Spirits are always female of sex, but their gender and identity vary - some are more masculine, some are more feminine.
    One day, the Star spirit, wandering, stumbles upon the lake that is the home and perhaps also prison of the Moon spirit. While beautiful as a frail flower, the Moon spirit is filled with sadness. Unable to move, they envy the free Star spirit who can move around at will and want. As the years pass after their meeting, the Star spirit travels the world and tells the tales to the Moon spirit.
    Who was to know that love could form in such a situation...?
    I got inspired to make it because of these two pictures, which are the "ideal" appearances for the two characters, but this can be changed ; v ;
    I'd want to play the role of the Star spirit, but I'm fine with whichever.
    Star Spirit

    Moon Spirit
  2. *O* Your plot two idea is soooooooo cute, and the characters you picked for it *le faint*.... Anyways~ I'd be interested in roleplaying plot two with you if you'd like. :3
  3. That sounds great! I tried it out once, but my partner deactivated their account so it never really got anywhere.
    You're fine with playing the moon spirit, then? :3
  4. D'aw that had to suck, and yeppers I'd love too! (She's bootiful~) Do you wanna roleplay through PM or a thread???
  5. I prefer threads for rp'ing, in a sort of novel-writing style. Without too many brackets and actions in stars or whatever, I kinda got pulled away from that and it has started distracting me a lot. I mean most people don't do this, so it's usually not a problem ; v ;
  6. Ah, okies. Think you can post the thread and send me a link? (I'd kind of rather do it like that so that I can get an idea of your roleplaying style and alter mine to work with yours, I do that with a lot of rps >x< classified weirdo I know but hey it works)
  7. Oh, that's cool. I'll get it up and going as soon as I can. ^^
  8. Oh and by the way, your character's real name is Luna, just to make things easier. xD
  9. Okies awesome, thanks!
  10. No problem ^^
  11. Hi~

    I love both of your ideas cause they both seem cute and creative, but I would love to roll let plot 1 with since plot 2 is taken.

    Just get back to me when you can ^_^
  12. I'm fine with that. But if you want to work out something completely different that'd be fine too ^^
  13. Since it looks like you have these two plots snatched up, is there anything else youve been wanting to do? o.o
  14. Ah uh, I'm really just too lazy to add things, honestly. I'd be into something fantasy right now, probably, but I'm really up for anything, so if you've got any ideas, feel free to tell me.
  15. Your plots are seriously works of art *-* I would love to collaborate and make a plot with you!
  16. If you want to, you can hit me up in a convo and we'll talk about it!