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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am back from a bit of a hiatus, writer's block got me down but now I am ready to continue once again, I don't have a lot of limits when it comes to content and language wise. And my rules, well there aren't many so without further adieux here are some of my plots I have in mind.

    Thor plots:

    1. The Early Years: Not really much to talk about here, this idea involves a younger Thor and Loki where Loki is in his mid teens and Thor in his early twenties. (This can be a Thor and Loki pairing or a Loki and OC pairing. I will play either Loki or my OC.)

    2. The road to recovery: Instead of Loki being sent to earth to take it over with the Chituri army another was sent in his place, a rogue Asgardian. Loki refused to do it, refused to end the lives of so many as he learned from his mistakes back home. This being said he is subjected to continuous torture both physical and mental, and when the battle of earth is over the floating plane on which Loki was on is abandoned and Loki is left there to die. That is until Thor returns to Asgard with the rouge Asgardian and is informed of Loki's where abouts, quickly Thor goes to his little brother and rescues him. But can Thor forgive Loki for trying to kill him all those years ago? (I would like to play Loki for this one.)

    3. Crossing Realms a OUAT Crossover: What if Loki never faked his death in The Dark World and never got rid of Odin and took over the throne, instead he is granted release from prison because he assisted with the Dark Elves. That being said he remains on Asgard and finds out that somehow his mother ended up in the underworld after her death and not just any underworld but that of Greek Mythology, and that he has a chance to rescue her. So he makes the journey there and ends up running into the residents of Storybrooke.

    Pairs w/o plots

    OC* X Steve Rogers
    OC* X Iron-Man
    OC* X Bucky Barnes
    OC* X Loki*
    OC* X Deadpool
    Loki* X Deadpool (Nothing sexual related just a regular pairing, this for sure could end up being a comedy filled with tons of language and violent fun.)

    Crimson Peak: I just love this movie, everything about it is beautiful.

    * indicates whom I wish to play.

    So if you are interested post here or shoot me a PM, or if you have any ideas feel free to share.
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  2. Still looking for buddies.
  3. Still searching, don't be shy.
  4. want to do a marvel X DC rp?
  5. Of course, did you have any plots in mind?
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  6. hmmm not much
    want to do OCs?
  7. Sure, I'll PM you so we can talk more.
  8. I am still looking for buddies.
  9. I am still looking for partners.
  10. I am always looking for more buddies, also if you have any Marvel ideas you'd like to do or crossovers you have in mind feel free to share.
  11. Still looking for partners.
  12. Still looking for partners.
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