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  1. So been a while since I rp'ed but I think it's time I give it another go. I'm SJ, nice to meet you all (again?). Anyway, this post is going to be suuuuper vague because all I really have are a few vague ideas and some generalized cravings. First, about me.

    -I'm 29, so you absolutely have to be over 18 to rp with me. We're in the adult section so that shouldn't be a problem.
    -I'm male and generally play only males.
    -I am looking to do a few things, both story and porn and just porn.
    - I am for two or three paragraphs but I'm more quality than quantity. Don't stress over length.
    -I do MxF, and MxM if your male character is a femme. Also I enjoy Male X Futa
    -I like fantasy a lot, medieval, dungeons and dragons-y stuff. Knights in shining armor, etc.
    -Modern is great too, especially for porn.
    -I will build my character to be whatever you'd like.
    -I like fantasy pairings, fantasy races, size-d-fference, age difference (as long as both characters are at least 18+),
    group sex, kink...
    -Looking for a long term, friendly female partner (characters can be male, female or futa but I prefer to rp with women).

    So if you think we can have some fun together, send me a message!
  2. Hi there! I feel like a lot of our interests match, if you still need a partner hit me up!
  3. I'm interested! All I really have to warn you about is that my replies can get pretty slow as this is a pretty busy time for me. But if that's okay with you, then PM me! [:
  4. Not sure if you're still looking but I'm down to play as a submissive male if you are. (personally female)
  5. You still looking for a partner?
  6. I find you... intriguing. Any particular cravings atm?
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