Looking for partners! [Always Open]

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  1. Yo, I'm Gabe.

    I specialize in Angst, Romance, Drama, and things of that nature.

    I'm not a fan of Sci-Fi, Mythical, and Fantasy RPs.

    I play male and female, every kind of character.

    I post anywhere from a paragraph to 32435809 paragraphs.

    I have excellent grammar and spelling.

    I'm on from 8am to 10 pm usually.

    I do OC rps and Fandom rps.

    Harry Potter [I play Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter]
    Black Butler [I play Sebastian]
    Yu-Gi-Oh! [I play Bakura and Ryou]

    As far as OC rps, I'm very open to anything.

    I like to do self-harm, suicide/suicidal, abuse, enemy/enemy, and taboo themes, ie. incest, forbidden love.

    If you have ideas of want to join me, just reply!
  2. Hmmmm.. so are you good with playing controlling and cruel-ish male characters?
  3. Maybe you and I could do something together? I think I'd be interested in maybe self harm, suicide or abuse... or maybe a mix of it? Feel free to send me a message or whatever. :3
  4. Hello.
    Hm...I might be interested in a Harry Potter.
    Who do you usually like to pair with Draco or Harry?
  5. Hello! I'm definitely interested in doing a rp with you. Possibly an abusive brother/incest rp? Shoot me a message please.
  6. Do you like Lord of the Rings? If so, PM me about a role play :)
  7. I'd be interested in doing an OC taboo rp with you. PM if you are up to another rp partner.
  8. intrested
  9. Celestialis: I sure am~
    Winterwings: I'd love to!
    WillyyBoyy: I pair them together, both with Ron, or with OC's.
    BleedingRose: That sounds great<3
    TimidJewishElf: I like the Hobbit if that counts!
    Squirrely: I'm down.
    Kronas17: What do you have in mind?
  10. Awesome.
    Might you be interested in a Draco and Harry?
  11. Something with romance it could be modern. I had just watched underworld and underworld revolution and i wanted to do something of that sort.
  12. I'd be interested. I have done self harm, suicide, abuse, enemy, and forbidden love before. I'm open to pretty much anything though.
  13. WillyyBoyy: I'd love to c: that's my otp .
    Kronas17: I've never seen or heard of that ^^;;;
    Cosibella: I'm down for almost anything that you're down for involving those themes c:
  14. lol wow okay, so do you have anything in mind then. Modern Romace
  15. Hmm, would you be interested in a Harry Potter Fandom? :)
  16. Kronas17: I have a few ideas depending on what you like best and what kind of character you'd like to play~
    Absyinthe: Of course! Which ship or which Character with an OC?
  17. I have an original female character if you wanted to play Draco Malfoy? :3
  18. Okay, do you want to make the thread, or do you want me to?
  19. Wicked.
    Shall we do something before or after the war?