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  1. Romance is a must!
    I can RP both female and male, but I really prefer to be female. I don't do fan-fiction or horror or mystery, nor do I do anything that involves mermaids (random I know but I'm just throwing that out there). I will, however, do anything that I haven't listed... Oh. I don't do Yuri but I don't mind Yaoi. No slave stuff either.

    Please note that my characters are always pretty dominant (see my preferences). By that I mean they are always either temperamental or strong willed.

    PM me if you have an idea.

    Thank you.
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  2. I'm interested, I'm interested! I usually play rather submissive characters, and I'm a bit of a history freak aroudn medieval ages and such!
  3. Hi! Thanks for replying. Did you have a certain RP in mind or were you find with the Feudal Era?
  4. Anyone else?
  5. Honestly I'm not great with Feudal Japan (like I don't know much about it) but didn't they have a 'Warriors Spirit' or something like that where if their was a male that was submissive they found it dishonorable. Like even if they were shy and didn't portray themselves as manly? Just a thought about the time period but again I'm no expert... in fact I know very little about it.

    Anyways I would be up to something like that. I will play the male since you like to play the female and I'm not great with beginning story or anything like that so yeah. I'm also, as I said before, no expert on feudal japan so if I get something wrong please feel free to point it out. I would even go as far as changing some of my posts to make sure it matches and is accurate.
  6. I'm pretty interested as well. I'm really open for anything.
  7. Yes, your information is pretty accurate. I think you'd do fine on this theme. Fuedal Japan is pretty much set around the time of the samurai, ninja, daimyo/shogun... And if twisted into fantasy there are demons, priestess, and some other mythical beats. I was just thinking a simple love story between demon and priestess or... samurai and ninja... However, if you think it'll be difficult I'm more than happy to do something else. ^-^
  8. Hi! Thanks for replying. Just as I said earlier it doesn't matter what we do- just as long as there's romance involved. ^-^ We, too, could do something set in Feudal Japan or maybe something else like odd pairings or high school life. Did you have something in mind?
  9. I don't have anything on mind right now. I'll do anything that you got on mind. I'm cool with incorporating romance in stuff as well. Wanna convo?
  10. I could try doing the samurai/ninja one. I'm not much of a fan of demon and angels and what not tbh. Would you like to continue this threw PM? It would probubly be easier.
  11. I don't know, how does an mxm sound? It's a bit of a weird concept... but I'll try to explain it to you if you're still interested?
  12. I'm all ears.
  13. ((Whoopie, I forgot to watch this thread, pretty much I'm a big idiot))

    Alright, I'll send you a PM!
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