looking for partner

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  1. Hi! Ok so I am new to this site but I have been role-playing for about six or seven years on and off. My posts range anywhere from one to five paragraphs and although my spelling is horrible, I am decent with grammar. I don't mind bad grammar at all, most of my friends suck with it :). I tend to be very spur of the moment with my characters at times but I don't typically veer from how I make them originally.

    I'm open for almost any type of roleplay.
  2. i'll role play with you
  3. I would be willing to roleplay with you
  4. Awesome. Shoot me a pm and we can talk bout plot ideas. In fortunately my cell sucks with sending PMS to start lol
  5. do you want me to or the other person?
  6. Both. I have no adversion to rping with multiple people. It gives me more to do so I'm not bored lol