Looking for partner(s) for game to grounded rp stories.

What games would you want to see for a makeable rp?

  • Mature! GTA, Saints Row, Farcry, Fallout, Assassins Creed, Elder Scrolls, etc

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Nostalgia! Digimon, Yugioh, Star Fox, Zelda, Metroid, etc.

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • Fantasy! God of War, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Legend of Dragoon, Dragon Age, etc

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • Horror! Outlast, Slender, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Fatal Frama, Five Nights at Freddys, etc.

    Votes: 1 33.3%

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Before I go any further, I just want to say that I don't believe in dropping out of an rp. If real life happens that's one thing, but if you know that you will hardly have time to post at least every other day of a few times a week then don't bother. If you have a short span and lose interest easy don't bother. What I'm looking for is a lasting rp partner or very small group of people to create and share ideas in making an expansive and creative story for whatever rp it is (assuming there will be interest) that we will do. I know that came off a bit direct but the good amount of people that know me know I'm rather keen, I would just like to have a lasting fun experience that has became all too rare.

But these rp's will be based off of games that are widely known to some degree. The actual tone of the rp itself will be very modern, very grounded and real, and very cohesive. Some of the more "kid" or "wacky" elements may be removed and replaced with a more adulterated theme. These won't be 18+ or anything like that, but they will be rather gritty than what their perspective titles have portrayed. With that being said, here are the games (more could be added later)

~ Call of Duty: This one I haven't played a lot, but a ton of my male friends have played them and the campaign stories are always pretty gripping to me. This rp wouldn't take after the futuristic/techy stories but would probably revolve around the more modern times, maybe the threat of a technology race being the plot. I would have a female character and I know I want to include Captain Price from the Modern Warfare series in there, maybe Shepard as well. The basic premise would be a rag tag bunch of the allied forces' most elite operatives from their perspective military branches commissioned by the United Nations and NATO to begin their counter-terrorism operations globally with semi-unrestricted resources.

~ Mortal Kombat: I grew up playing these games and the stories are there (games and films) but as much gore and grit that MK represents it never elaborates on a grounded threat relatable to mass appeal. It's always the same danger, same fights, same gruesome results. I want to make a more story-based MK rp (obviously with a ton of action and fighting too). Basically balance thrilling dark story with reasonable fighting kinda like Captain America The Winter Soldier. With enough interest, I would play as Jade.

~ Pokémon: Something lighter in comparison to the first two lol, but this Pokémon rp would not be like the fantastic anime counterpart. This one would be more grounded and realism based. Not really blood and gore, but the threats and dangers would be bigger and certainly leave an impact (Ex. A Electrode uses self-destruct or explosion there will probably be casualties or major economical damage). This rp is the more experimental one and more subject to deviate a little from the canon anime/manga series. Ash will probably be the Luke SKywalker in this rp: no one has heard from or seen him in a while. I will use a female trainer whom is also a Pokémon researcher in hopes of becoming an aide, but the plot will set in motion her (and rpers) on a quest to save humanity from a unforeseen war.

Those are the three that are strong in my mind right now, but I'll probably add more as time progresses IF anyone doesn't show interest in these that is. Questions, interests, comments in the thread below.


Whatever, Bullfrag is awesome.
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I'm going to pick Nostalgia for the sake of some collectable monstrousities that I store in devices to be my mindslave.


Honestly though we need a Digimon Roleplay to counterpart all those rising Pokemon roleplays.

It's kind of like having ten Super Sentai, or as the West calls it, Powerful Rangers, roleplays with zero Kamen Rider roleplays. It just feels... incomplete.

In other words, if you're deciding between Pokemon and Digimon, I'd really love to see you do a Digimon roleplay, if you are capable of understanding its lore enough to host an RP. The only reason why I never host Digimon RPs is due to lack of lore knowledge.
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