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  1. Hello there! I am called Miu and I am looking to get back in to my Rping life style lol. I only have one vague Idea at the moment that I would love to try doing but other suggestions are always welcome in terms of plot or just a whole new story period.

    Ahem I do not mind if you want to leave and not continue but pleaaase please tell me...don't just leave.
    I am not a grammar Nazi, as long as the it makes sense so read and decent enough structure.
    At least 2-3 posts a week is great! more is even better!
    As for paragraph length at least 2 or more good sized please and thank you.
    Please contribute to the story don't just type what I type but fill in your characters name instead...
    I can double and triple or more...you can as well if you want but it isn't required.

    Well now that boring stuff is over I can try and explain my plot...please remember it is not fleshed out yet.

    This is loosely based off of Wonder woman and paradise Island because I am a huge fan of her.Though my character will not be a princess or fly or anything that Wonder woman does except have Amazon strength. Ok ok so basically:

    one day an Amazon woman is bathing in a lagoon by the beach after a long day of sentry duty and notices a bunch of rags washed up on the shore. Curious she goes over to poke at it and it turns out to be a body. figuring it is a short hair gruff looking woman who washed up. Eventually after pumping water from her "flat" chest the amazon realizes it is a man and freaks out by knocking him out when he comes to.
    She is later picked to bring him back to the city where he is from and ordered to stay there and learn about the outside world and culture and report it to the Queen of the Amazons. The man agrees to have her stay by his place while she learns about life off the Island. (The chemistry between them can develop as it goes because I do enjoy some romance in the plot)
    Meanwhile he is hiding something and he is not all he seems to be.He was sent by an enemy of the Amazons to scope out the Island and hopefully take out the strong Queen. (That can be talked about more) He could be doing it to clear his name in past crimes or it was just his mission or something.

    Anyways that is all I got so far.For once I want to try being the Female so I would need some one to be the guy. Thanks for reading!
  2. Hey there ^^
    I'm quite new here but i seem to get the hang of this all a bit more. i saw your idea in the request section and liked it a lot. If you deem me worthy enough to try and rp with me send me a pm and we can discuss it all further.
  3. Still looking!
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