Looking for one RP Partner for an SAOish RP

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  1. Hello I'm looking for only one partner for a plot I have. I will be playing the submissive in this, I can't play dom for the life of me. I expect a one or two good meaty paragraphs at most. If sex has to happen you must be over 18, I will not do sexy RP with minors, not only is it illegal it is against site rules.

    I'm hoping to play multiple characters, and I would hope you would too.

    The Plot (open)

    On June 5th, 2045 the Japanese gaming company Tri-Game released the Tri-Wear. The new and latest technology in gaming. The Tri-Wear allows players to enter the games they play. The newest game on the market is Tales of Fantasia. It's a High-Fantasy world with a unique feature, the money you earn in game you can exchange for real money. It seems shady but it has become a hit with young teens and young adults. Easy money from gaming, seems like a dream, right?

    Or so it seemed.

    Five months after it's release some bugs got into the system. Unfortunately it also caused the log out function to be disabled. Over a thousand players are trapped in this world, with no way out. A group of unlikely players form together in some way or another, all with one focus: Get out of the game. They figured if they beat the final dungeon it would unlock the option to log out. So they set out to beat the game. Somethings aren't as easy as they seem. Many things will stand in their way. Corrupted players, death penalties, and something perhaps.....deeper.
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  2. Bah, This looks awesome but I dont know really know if I could handle doing more than one character >:

    Though if you ever want to play a onexone SAO roleplay then im up for it!
  3. I'm game :) ;)
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