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Hello maybe future roleplay partner :)
Now I've gone and done it again! Been thinking of a specific roleplaying world and characters, unable to ignore them any longer. Now I want to try it out!

So, this is going to be kind of a first for me. A roleplay that involves a more sci-fi experience, with cyborgs and the possibility of AI. Set in the not so distance future. Now, I am no science geek and I have little to no knowledge of these matters, thus it's not a roleplay that will dive super deep in to the details of technology and stuff.

Now, if that sounds interesting, this is what I would like of you;
  • In first hand I am looking for someone to play a male character. But there is the possibility of both of us creating multiple characters.
  • Be active. I love to immerse myself in the plot and characters that it's sometimes hard to wait for an answer! :P it's completely understandable that there might be days with no answers. And if you tired of the RP and wanna quit, then tell me. Don't leave people hanging.
  • 18+ only! As I do like to include sexual tension between characters, and I don't 'fade to black' hurrhurr~
  • No one liners. I like answers to be between 2-4 paragraph. If you want to write more, I'm fine with it. But as English is not my main language I might not be that inventive with my writing, but I try to match.
  • ^as I mentioned. I live in Sweden, thus I would prefer someone who is around the same time zone. But it's not a necessary! :)
  • Have fun when you roleplay!! I might spice it up by my character doing silly things, and be serious when it needs to ;) Don't be afraid of taking control of the RP if you got a great idea.
On another note. I will imagine the roleplay in an anime-style. Character sheets and such things will include that.

Okay. Over to what I've imagined of the world; It takes place in the not so distance future, and technology is flourishing. Things are powered by solar, water and wind more than ever before, which have saved a lot of the echo system. We can come up together if there is war going on in the world or not. Scientists have worked for years perfecting the possibility of robotic units that could help humanity even more. Creating a simplistic cyborg. Having the human shape, but no traits.
However, this talented upcoming creator of robotic units is doing his own research on the basic concept of the company. Trying to achieve artificial intelligence. Something that is not appreciated at the company, thus he is throw out. But he continues on his own. Years will pass and he will succeed on creating the first cyborg that looks human and with possible advanced AI.

This is basically what I've come up with. Now I might have some ideas how we could involve your character, but if you have an awesome idea don't be afraid to tell me what it could be :)
Help me build up this world, give it more detail. I want you to feel just as immersed and excited about this as I am ^_^

PM me if interested! Tell me what you would have in mind of your character(s) or of the world. Like I said before, I have only sketched the idea, lets paint it together :D

ROLEPLAY plot taken.
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