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  1. Hello!
    I am looking for one private roleplayer :)
    18+ Only because I don't mind blood, violent, nudity and so on.
    I am from Sweden, this will be my first time roleplaying in english. (unless you yourself are swedish hehe). Therefor my grammar, spelling and sentences can look and sound weird, but I will do my best to write as correctly as possible. With this message you get a feel of how I write, and I hope there is no hindrance :)

    I like roleplays that has a story, a world where the characters lives in, detailed in the amount you can work with it. I do not mind if more than one character is created, as long as there is a "reason", and that you're able to play them both as good as you would play one ;)
    I am a female myself, and most probably create my main character as a woman because before my break I played a lot of male characters. So I do not have any problem playing males, but I want to play female characters now. That is why I will be searching for someone who is up for playing a male :)

    I don't have any ideas in mind anymore, if I come up with something this space will be edited.
    However, if you got anything thought out and sounding interesting then send me a private message, explaining your idea. I'm mostly interested in fantasy, slice of life, European style, Japanese style, preset timeline, historical timeline. Romantic, adventurous, tragic, some fun comedy moments is all good.
    What I am not that interested in, is futuristic roleplays. And at the moment no interest in yaoi or yuri, as the main kind of story, but have nothing against one character being interested in the opposite sex.

    So if you are interested in working out a nice roleplay story with me, and you can;
    -Play multiple character, with the main being a male. (don't need to necessarily have multiple character from the start. Can always create more as it come)
    -Have innovation, I don't mind someone taking the creating part, I will give my honest opinion if ideas sounds bad or weird, and I expect you being the same towards me ;)
    -Be interested in the roleplay, if the stories I have brought forth doesn't suit you then find something else, I want us both to be really engaged in the characters and story.
    -Handle my english going bad from time to time.
    -Be active. You don't need to answer every hour, maybe not every day even. I understand having a life, work and so on. But one answer a weak does not cut it. And if you know you gonna be inactive a longer time because of something, please tell me.

    I am new to this site, this is kind of my first post here :P
    Thanks for reading this long post! And hope you have some good roleplays :D
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  2. Ello there, I just would like to say. You're plots are interesting and I would be happy to role play with you.
  3. I am also looking for a one on one role play partner. I too like the play to be a continuous story. I perfer to play women but can also play male characters. Your ideas are interesting. Please let me know if interested. I'm a G of T addict, also any pirate adventure ..but I''m flexable!
  4. Hello, just popping in to say that the RPAD section is not for partner searching! Sorry! :(

    Also, hej på dig, fellow Swede :D
  5. Sorry...
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