Looking for one on ones.

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  1. I am looking for a few different role play ideas... I would like to make note that I post 2-3 paragraphs usually and would like to expect the same from you. Other than that I can play either gender, though I prefer straight pairings. I can be coerced into slash if you do it well. What I am looking for can be either standard or furry as well.
    Angel and daemon, yes I have a plot.
    Pet and Master, I will play either role.
    A new age, I have a female character for this. It is heavily plot driven ask for more information.
  2. Hi there! :D Can we RP together? I mean if that's ok with you...
    I wanna try the pet and master one! >:3 sounds interesting.
  3. If you're interested I'd like to try the AngelxDaemon Rp:) What was the plot you had in mind?
  4. Sorry about the wait, homework and the like.
    Pork, what do you expect of the role play.
    ElfLady, the plot is basically an angel is kicked from heaven into the wasteland after world war 3/Armageddon. The angel meets a daemon who tries to help her achieve their status once again and protect them.
  5. Sounds like an interesting idea:)
    Just a question do the angel and daemon want to restore their respective race's status andprotect the humans or raise the humans from misery after WW3?
  6. The daemon is an outcast of their own kind, which would be why he is helping the angel. The angel would want to regain their status. As far as the humans that is up for grabs.