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  1. Okay, I'm looking for a 1x1 rp, or rather as many as I can get without being overloaded. First, some information.

    I really would like someone active and commited. That'd be great.

    I would like an rp with two to ten (really anywhere in between as well) sentence replies. I have no limits on word use, a little limit when it comes to extreme violence (i.e. slowly piercing large metal hooks through someone's skin), and no sexual limit (from what I've encountered so far) when it comes to writing. I will try my best to shift my writing enough to match my partner's writing skills. If you're the type of person who writes eight paragraph, proofread replies, I'll then do the same. If you're the type of person who writes four paragraph, unchecked replies, I'll do the same or a little above that. It also depends on what I'm given to respond to. If I don't have a lot to go off of, then I can't write as good of a reply as I normally would.

    On another note, if you want to mix plots I'd be fine with that. Sex? I'm fine with that, too. I can also do side characters/multiple characters. I tend to like MxM and FxM, but I will do FxF in addition to the other two. I'm new here, but certainly not new to roleplaying. I'm pretty much desperate for some new one on ones, hopefully my ad will be answered and kindle some roleplays that won't die off. I have wonderfully quick replies on e-mail, yet not so much when using other methods.

    As for roleplays (Bold if I really want it):

    Demon x Angel
    Patient x Psychiatrist
    Bully x Victim
    Prisoner of war x Enemy
    Woman x Brother in law (Cheating relationship)
    Runaway x Family kid/Only child

    Without a plot-
    High school
    College (one with a plot as well)

    Slice of life
    Forbidden romance
    Someone finding their muse
    Christmas romance
    Ghosts/Imaginary friends
    Singe parents/Pregnancies
    Twisted fairytales

    Mental disorders

    With a plot-
    College- Our characters have become roommates, having been assigned the same dorm room at university. Awkwardness ensues after a drunk one night stand following a night of partying, drinking, dares, mistakes and more. This takes place at none other than the most popular and diverse fraternity on campus. The fraternity, Alpha Xi Delta, has a history of, well, having everyone. They always have a variety of members from math geeks to football jocks to abstract artists to fashion designers, everyone's there. They're all good at what they do, and that's always been clear. Character A and B, along with plenty of other friends and classmates, get invited to a party there, and that's when the magic begins. Everything stated above would happen in the roleplay preferably. Party, one night stand, the following day/s, you get the idea.

    Vegas- Our character, who have never met before in their lives, unintentionally get married after a drunk night in the city of Vegas. This roleplay would start the next day, after they'd already gotten married.

    The Bet- So, while at a party or at school, Character A gets dared to ask character B out, date them for a month, and dump them. What happens when they start to get the sinking feeling that they can’t do it?

    The Dudes In Debt- So, first off, Character A and Character B go to college, graduate and end up here, in New York. Their apartment, right over a bar called McLaren’s Pub, is going to be rented out by a few people (Number of people decided in the roleplay). So, a bunch of guys at work in New York, trying to pay off college debt (one or two may not even be paying off college debt, just debt in general. Preferably college debt. XD) move in together. Much like a sitcom, their personalities clash somehow, but they’re still friends. What happens when two of these brand-new acquaintances start to have mutual romantic feelings towards each other?

    A Night Out- Give me a plot about a shy girl being dragged to a bar and getting hit on, where a tattooed guy takes pity on her and rescues her by saying he’s her boyfriend. He walks her home and she realizes he’s not that scary, so she invites him in and they talk. Maybe he falls asleep on her couch and she takes care of his hangover, whatever.

    Demon- So, the way I was thinking would be my character is a demon of my own creation, and s/he's there at this town to scout the area for certain things (revealed in roleplay) because of this demon vs angel war going on, one that has been raging for millennia. So s/he's there as a spy and scout pretty much.
    There, s/he meets a human that catches his/her eye. And with strict rules to not become involved with any humans they end up being an issue because they always seem to pop up. They don't want anything accidentally slipping because s/he gets too comfortable with them, or worse, falling in love with them. If you can't see where this is heading, well, eventually of course s/he can't help but enjoy their company, even though s/he tries so hard to push them away. They would A) get in a lot of trouble and they are both inevitably put in a whole lot of danger or B) end up on the run in this crazy demon v. Angel war. This could be FxM or MxM, really. Your choice. Romance is optional, but it could be fun. Would work best as a post-apocalypse sort of thing, when demons and angels alike finally revealed themselves as to increase the areas of battle, the like.

    Note: You can suggest other things as well as one or a mix of themes here. Also, I will do 18+ only roleplays with most of these, if wanted and not already an obvious part of the plot.

    For any of these, e-mail me at jerboa9505@hotmail.com or reply here or even send me a message here. I'm not a fan of Skype and the only thing I may be willing to do besides e-mail, private messages, or something else on this site would be Google docs (which would be a new experience for me.) E-mail is preferred, in the end.
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  2. Note: Still willing to take on one on one roleplays. Especially if you plan on getting a partner in a roleplay that replies in multiple paragraph responses. :3
  3. I am interested!
  4. The uh.. Forbidden romance gave me an idea, if you'd like to hear it
  5. Sure. Just send me a message, I'd love to hear it.
  6. Bump (Considering it has been updated)
  7. im interested in the vegas plot sounds fun
  8. Bump ((another update))
  9. I'd like to do the bet one.. F x M, and I'd like to be the one that's the object of the bet that gets asked out. Also, preferably the girl.
  10. Sure, send me a message and we'll talk more about it?
  11. I'm interested in just about anything, honestly. I'm also new to this site and absolutely craving an RP with someone who's not going to one-sentence me constantly.

    I liked "The Bet" concept the most out of the ones you have listed, but I'm willing to do multiple or come up with something new.
    Let me know!
  12. Sounds good, send me a message.
  13. Note, still looking for partners!
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