Looking for one fandom roleplay. Pairings inside!

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  1. I want to add another Roleplay to my list so I thought I'd make a quick search for one! Please visit the information section on my profile to learn more about me, my posting speed, preferences, and etc. Please check my Roleplay resume as well! Since I have most of that information pre-written on my profile I'm going to skip right to posting what fandoms and pairings I'm interested in roleplaying. I'm only taking ONE request at the moment. So it's most likely first come first serve. And I don't have too many options to choose from, but all of the ones I have below are the only ones I'm craving at the moment.

    The Walking Dead
    Daryl x Beth
    Daryl x OC

    Elsa x OC
    Elsa x Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians)

    Loki x OC

    *bolded role is the one I would like to play
  2. I'd totally try Elsa x OC (mostly because I'm more familiar with Frozen than I am with Rise of the Guardians o.o)

    PS: How did I find my way here? Uh... Just a coincidence o.o

  3. Hmm you look familiar? Do I know you from somewhere? Haha. ;) I know I just got through playing Elsa in murder games, but I love playing her hence the reason she's on my list again. What can I say? I'm addicted. haha. Send me a PM and we can plot! I'm gonna try to go to bed for real this time. (I tried earlier but just couldn't get to sleep. lol. XD)
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  4. @york (Forgot to tag. XD)
  5. XD Don't worry, alerts are thankfully functional at first o-o working on that PM btw :3
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