Looking for new Rps!

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  1. Looks for new Role plays to add to my list of role plays.
    I am willing to build Idea's and such.

    ~I ask that you can post 1-3 paragraphs at least
    ~I have no real limits (Other than Feet, Waterplay, and Scat)
    ~I am willing to do M/F F/F and M/M
  2. Hello I'll join

    Anything in mind?
  3. Would you like to do a Paranormal Hunter x Paranormal Being?
  4. @IceFlame Sure just Pm me we can discuss plot there

    @missindepent No, I mean I can come up with some thing, but I would not mind hearing if you have anything.
  5. Hmm well is there any specific thing you like to do?
  6. Right know I am in the mood for something either Cliche or Supernatural related.
  7. Hmm I guess out of those I guess cliche I haven't done much supernatural stuff. Do you mean the TV show or just supernatural powers
  8. No like supernatural stuff, Cliche is fine with me. :3
  9. OK. Hmm and one last question which one would prefer to do? MxF MxM or FxF? :)
  10. Well if you are willing to play M then M/F but if you want to play Female then F/F ... I am okay with playing M/M It's I been doing a lot of that XD
  11. Yeah I usually play males so I am up for that lol
  12. Okay! Care to take this to Pm and has out some idea?
  13. Sure :)
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  14. Ill Rp with you ^_^ but first do you do anime rps or not?
  15. Depends on what you mean by Anime?
  16. lol like Bleach or Trigun maybe even DBZ xD
  17. Oh you mean fandom? Mmm depends on the one and the plot it as to be really good for me to do.
  18. Yeah fandoms, I am really picky about and half the time I play an OC. I am not good at playing
  19. lol ok well nvm how about a fantasy rp?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.