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  1. Hey everyone. I'm looking for people to rp with.

    Things I am looking for:

    I am looking for preferably long term role plays. I am pretty much open to suggestions I haven't found a lot of them that I'm not willing to at least try.

    And of course I don't mind if you just feel like talking at times when you don't feel like rping or something like that I like clingy people .

    I don't mind if its over PM, Yahoo, Skype, or thread rps just let me know which way you would like to go and more then likely I'll be more then willing to go with it.

    I am a semi- lit to literate rper looking for rp partners that are at least semi-lit One liners are really hard to work with.

    rps that I have done that I enjoy so far

    (Revised.. apon looking at other threads realized was suppose to be worded differently)

    Naturally all with the ideal of action/adventure/romance.

    -Master/slave (or reversed)
    - Family matters
    - War of mythology. ( Gods, demigods, demons, angels, werewolves, Etc..)

    -Elemental knights

    Basically anything Sci-fi, fantasy, and romance. I have a broad listing of things I like to rp.

    Elemental knights usual elements I go off of is wind, water, fire, earth, and spirit. But I don't mind moving the elements I use for something new. Characters do not have to be mages I usually use characters with style that can kinda use the elements to aid their usual way of attacking. Enemy can vary depending on who I'm rping with.

    on pretty much all the others the enemy of the rp can vary as well. I do not mind playing the bad guy at the same time usually I do try to have several bad guys with the main leader of them though.

    also have used the back story of some books or movies.

    Harry potter
    House of night
    The battle of Olympus
    zombie land
    Avatar: the last air bender
    Chronicals of Nick

    On these I do not play as the characters of the books/movies. I play as new characters with the same storyline or close to same going on that we just go along with it.

    I cant think of any others at the moment I will be adding things in as I think of them/ try out new rps.

    I do do more rps other then just ones that get into more perverted things. If you want to do the time skip type things or just avoid those situations just let me know and I wont have a problem with it

    Things I dont do:

    over abusive things

    think thats it on that.

    Like I said I am always up to trying out new rps so if you have some that I haven't listed just pm me or post on here and I am more then willing to talk about it and we can figure it out.

    and yes I like my story lines to have more twists to it depending on the type of characters and the people I'm rping with of course those are just very rough outlines

    welp I hope to get plenty of messages, thanks guys.

    I have YIM, AIM, And skype. so If anyone would like to rp threw any of those Just let me know as well.

    Of course there are more and I'll update as I think of them!
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  2. and stuff
  3. Wanna do either the apocalypse, or master/slave one?
  4. hm I'll pm you here in just a few and we can see what we can set up. :) Ty
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  5. I would be interested in doing a Vampire/Human one.
  6. Works for me. I'll message you in a sec.

    Sorry I kinda got lost in my show.
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