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  1. My other threads don't seem to get many replies, so I renamed this one =)
    1. I prefer to play F, and I play FxM and possibly FxF.
    2. I am open to many original ideas!
    3. I would like many replies please..the more the better (I'll close the thread when I change my mind)
    4. You should try good grammar and try to add to the plot when you post please!

    5. Warning: I have a wacky schedule, so I may be on from just long enough to post-2/3/4 hours. I am only 14 and I have a family irl, and I have chores and duties, so yeah.

    Here are my ideas:
    • Rise of the Guardians- A new guardian has arrived (5 years after Jack Frost) and she is shy. Areiz is the one who replaced cupid when he hit himself with his own arrow, and she is there because parents are starting to tell their children the guardians do not exist, being uncaring. She is there to help amp up the love between child and parent.
    • Ouran High School Host Club- Vi (Violet) has stumbled into the Ouran high school by her excellent writing skills. One day, she is running from someone who is trying to look at her writing when she runs into the Host Club room, crashing into a wall and being knocked out.
    • Car Crash- Amey was your best friend for two years. Suddenly, her father was in a car crash, Amey was in the backseat. She is now in the hospital, she broke her left leg, sprained her right wrist, cut up the right side of her face and broke a couple of ribs. How will you react?
    • College Bording- Jae is new to your college. She is also boarding with you and your buds, as there are no empty spaces. She's very independent and the teachers think she works too hard.
    PM me or reply here. I would rather you PM me and title it "1X1 RP". If there are already posts here asking, you can still post! again, as many as possible! I'm pretty easy with multitasking.
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  2. I like the RoTG idea :) is this a romance between her and one of the other guardians or...
  3. PM me and we can plot =)
  4. I like the College Boarding idea. ^_^
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