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  1. Equi's back! So, I'm in desperate need of more rps. If your interested in any of my ideas, pairings, whatever, or have an idea of your own, why don't you reply? Dollar signs mean the more I want to do the pairing. I'm also open to OC ideas, but they have to be original. In all the below pairings, I'd like to be the second character listed. For example, in Ezio/Leonardo, I'd like to be Leo.


    Assassin's Creed:

    Ezio/Leonardo $$$

    Ezio/Yusuf $$

    Altair/Malik $
    Desmond/Shaun $$$


    Alucard/Alexander $$

    Alucard/Integra $

    Legend of Korra:

    Amon/Korra $

    Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji:

    Sebastian/Grell $$

    William/Grell $

    William/Ronald $$

    Umm...there's probably more for all of them, but I can't think of any ATM.

    I don't only do yaoi, I'm open for hetero pairings, but for fandoms, I tend to lean more towards yaoi...except in the case of Alucard/Integra.

    Other Ideas


    A starving author struggling to get published spends most of his time in the local library. One night, as he's working late in the library, typing seemingly nonstop, he falls asleep in a back corner of the library. As my character, a librarian, is cleaning up, he finds him asleep. It would just go from there. This can be either mxm or fxm, but I'd really like it to be mxm.

    That's all for now, I may have more later. I don't have many rules, just that you have a decent posting length and are a frequent poster. For my fandom pairings, please stay IC.
  2. Fancy another round with me? I understand we had to cut our last venture short, but hopefully, we can make this one go on longer.

    So, the basic premise of it is that both our characters are in a place where people tend to form friendships. High school, a workplace, a weekly club, etcetera.
    And one day, they attend, but notice someone in the corner - someone who's always been there, but has never really been paid much attention to, mostly due to everyone avoiding him/her. And, upon A approaching B, they see why they've been avoided, are are being avoided - the scars.
    B is horrendously scarred, the cause of which I will leave for now. However, it's obvious that they have a heart of gold, even if their social skills have deteriorated. But everyone stays away - a natural human reaction. They're all alone in the world, bar a single friend, who - despite having known them for at least two years - knows little about B.
    Thus, A takes it upon him/herself, to prove to B that there are still good people out there, people who will accept you for who you are, even the scars - and not just look away, doing their best to ignore the elephant in the room.

    All right, all right, maybe I've been on Katawa Shoujo for too long. But damn me if I'm not going to post this.
  3. We could try that :)
  4. Fantastic.
    Now, tell me, would you like anything set by yourself, such as setting? And who do you want to be, in it?
  5. I'd like to be Character A. A school would be fine, like an after-school club or something, it could even be a specific class, if you want.
  6. I'm thinking a school, but in a more isolated area. There'd be a big enough student body, but the actual amount of people milling about the town would render the area fairly peaceful.
  7. Okay, that sounds interesting ^__^
  8. Very well, that just leaves one question - who;s posting first?
  9. That librarian x author thing sounds really different! Still interested?
  10. [MENTION=1370]Cuddly Heavy[/MENTION] -- You can go ahead, if you want ^^

    [MENTION=1670]Young Wonderman[/MENTION] -- Yep! Do you have any questions about the plot?
  11. I guess. Is there anything important I have to know besides what's already been listed?
  12. Nope. Is mxm fine with you? The idea can be mxf, also, if you want.
  13. I'll only do MxM if the librarian is a crossdresser.
  14. I'm not sure of my skills at being able to play a crossdresser, so mxf it is. Do you want a character sheet?
  15. Okay. I'll get thread up as soon as I can.