Looking for new partners! (MxF or MxFF)

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  1. Hullo there peeps!
    At the moment I would be looking to start some new RPs in a Libertine setting as I'm currently all out! Almost any setting conceivable is fine with me, want to do Medieval? Go for it! Futuristic? Sure! Anime? That's great too! I have very few limitations, if any, on that front. With characters however, I will not do Anthro or tentacles or anything like that, but again, apart from those I have few limitations.

    As far as content is concerned, I'm looking for either female characters for 1x1s or multiple female characters in a multiple partner setting, I would be the male in both settings. Actual characters can be decided on later dependent on setting, and can be from Fandoms or OCs. The actual writing itself should be to a good standard, though I'm not expecting Shakespeare! And it should also include as many plot candies as you can get into it, a good plot and of course, this being Libertine, the steamy sexy time that goes with that; though the sex isn't what it's all about! I like a good story and drama to go with it. :)

    Shoot me a PM if any of this interests you! Or just reply to the thread! ^^
  2. Still looking?
  3. Yep! Just send me a PM with whatever you feel like doing or we can start looking at ideas :)
  4. Still looking? :)
  5. Yes I am, please shoot me a PM with a general idea of what you might want to do and we can take it from there ^^
  6. I have an idea or 2 if your still looking
  7. Yep, still looking! Shoot me a PM about it! ^^
  8. Darling. Want to RP?

  9. Oh you, silly girl replying to my threads when you're right next to me :)
    We can do something whenever you like =3
  10. I think we should deff do a thread. Ideas?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.