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  1. Hi everyone my names Era and im kinda new here so i thought i might make a request thread anywho welcome to a few of my fantasies [​IMG]

    Well to start off i am a very complacent person so will most likely go with your idea and in that sense try to match your posting style unless its like three para posts because that will not happen from me. Secondly I normally only play a lesbian, but if you give me a good enough idea or your a futa (love them btw) ill RP straight. Third i will not do anything nasty like gore or vore related i am just not into it and will never be into it. Fourthly i am a total sub but if you really want me to Dom you i might you just gotta convince me some how and if i do it will be a very loving dom not a violent one. Fifthly i really love a long RP that's fun and romantic but quickies are never terrible hehe.

    OK so for themes i like pretty much everything but the whole bffs turned lovers or room mates setting Always wins out in my mind. Or fantasy and sci fi always throw a fun and sexy feel into things. If those dont tickle your fancy them im open to everything in between its all fun and good for me. Also i really enjoy playing anyone elses original ideas so if you have any let me here them and we can try.

    Right now im really Craving a Mistress to roleplay with and would love to hear from you if you want to rp with a Sub who wants to please you. :)

    Ideas/RP options (All can be FXF or FxFuta or furry or human oh and every charrie is over 18)
    Random Strangers
    Met online
    Video game charies-Dishonored,Mass effect,Dragon Age,Skyrim,League of Legends,etc...(or made up in that universe)
    Book charies
    Movie charies
    Comic Charies (Total nerd)
    HeroXSide kick

    I know its fairly new but i would love to do a Destiny Rp with some one i think itd be fun to do one set in that universe.

    Um that's all i can think of right now maybe you can help me add some. Anyway we dont have to do any of these they are just ideas and jumping off points in fact id prefer to do one you were dying to do or had an idea about or one we brainstormed about. I love playing in other peoples ideas its so much fun. So yea send me a convo or drop a message here if you want to play with this Cute little puppy.

    *Blows kiss and waves*
    Hope to see you soon
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  2. I'd be very interested in doing a sisterxsister or magexmage with you
  3. I wouldn't mind doing roommates with you
  4. Bff's sounds fun. Maybe furry Bff's that the way they see each other changes.
  5. A Pirate one maybe, with a little futa and/or furry thrown in.
  6. i like THe mage pairings but i have my own pairings care to pm me?
  7. If you're still looking for partners the Villain x Hero one really interests me!
  8. DaughterXmother is a nice pairing if you are still looking.
  9. I have a role play idea if you care to hear it out. I only role play either straight or yuri. I don't mind doing dominate or submissive roles as I can do both. Please pm me if interested. I don't mind PM role play and don't mind forum role plays. I would prefer forum with a oocc pm for conveying conversations, ideas, plots, twists, extra.
  10. Bumpers
  11. Hey thar. I'd like to do video game characters if you'd like and maybe let them OCxOC since it's going to be two females. I'd mainly like to do kingdom hearts but more casual i.e. less heartless and more romance type stuff. If not then I'd be happy to do NiecexAunt with ya
  12. I will rp with you ^-^ I love most of your selection and am unsure which to choose O.O I am also a huge nerd and gamer so super heroes could be awesome! or something! XD
  13. I have the idea for the met online to if your intrested message me ?
  14. Pairings interested in:
    Random strangers
    I play female characters ^~^