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  1. To lose and to gain new partners; they come and go so easily! I'm back with a few ideas that I hope bodes well with people. Before we get into them, here are some rules.

    What to Expect:
    • My partner will play the male in the story.
    • My partner must be 18 years or older. I will not be kicked off this site by playing sexual scenes with an underaged rper because they decided not to be truthfully.
    • My characters are all women of color. Do what you will with that.
    • Expect there to be 50% plot and 50% smut. That's just the way I role.
    • I love to rp and I love to write stories; with that said, my posts can get pretty long.
    • I expect my partner to participate creatively in this story. Do not just follow my lead or wait for me to lead you. I will get bored very easily and drop the rp altogether.
    • While the character you will be playing is male, I do not care if the person behind the character is male or female.
    • Romance will be the main focus of the story.
    • At least one post a day.
    • Literacy and grammar are important. I do not mind the occasional typo or mistake; I make them as well. However, if there are constant run-on sentences, lack of punctuation, capitalization or proper syntax, that's an issue.
    • No one liners!
    • At least 2 paragraphs each post
    • If you find yourself unable to post for a while, please tell me and do not just disappear. I will give you the same courtesy.
    • Do not take full control of my character.
    • No God-modding.
    Right. With that done, here are the ideas!

    The Princess's Knight: The king of a rather large yet peaceful country has a beautiful yet rowdy young daughter who will take the throne with his passing. The princess has always been adventurous and full of curiosity and through the years, the king felt the regular guard for her has sufficed. However, after an attempted assassination on the princess's life on the eve of her 21st birthday, the king will no longer take any chances and hires her a private bodyguard that will shadow her wherever she went. The princess is not happy with the decision, but agrees to it nonetheless, finding soon that her father hiring a bodyguard might have very well been the best thing to ever happen to her. She soon finds love in the man that protects her, a sort of forbidden love since she is royalty and he is a knight, but love nonetheless. (Medieval/Fantasy setting)

    The Prince: The royal family of a small, distant country are holding a ball one evening to introduce their son, who has just come of marrying age, to some favorable women. Princesses, duchesses, daughters of nobleman and even foreign wealthy families with powerful names in the business world attend the ball. At this dance, despite promising prospects of marrying a princess, the prince finds himself intrigued by the arrival of a particular family. A father, a mother, three sons...and one daughter. She is full of life, joy and mystery and quite beautiful. He is taken with her, finding that she and her family were one of their foreign visitors that were exploring their country for a little while. He takes to courting her, their romance blossoming into passion and love amidst controversy, civil unrest and danger. (More of a modern setting)

    The King: An aging king finds himself troubled, his moderate and peaceful kingdom on the brink of war with a another greedy king aiming to pillage his land. To take his mind off of the impending war, and to hopefully create some allies with the neighboring kingdoms by showing exceptional hospitality, he holds a ball. Princes, princesses, dukes and duchesses are invited inside the castle, the king even throwing a surprise festival for the commoners to make them happy. At the ball, the king is approached by a young gentlemen, someone that he quickly learns is already the king of his kingdom after his own father unexpectedly passed away. The younger king tells him that he knows of the threat of war on the aging man's kingdom and promises protection for the kingdom on one condition: The aging king gives his daughter's hand to the younger in marriage. The deal is made and the princess finds herself betrothed to a handsome king, one that she can't help but to fall in love with. (Medieval/Fantasy setting)

    And that about does it. It's been a while since I've played a princess or anything close to one and thus figured that now was as good a time as any. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM! Don't reply here because I won't see it.
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