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  1. Hello there, name is Kate and I am new to this site that is true. But, I’m not new to role-playing. I have been writing since I was 12 and I love to write. Its wonderful and its very distressing for my life. But I have come to this site with a reason, I am looking for a few things I can see to find elsewhere…
    I am looking for the right partner, I know on this site they are not worried about how much one writes for a post or anything like that. So! This is nothing against the site or its wonderful runners.
    This is my OWN, PERSONAL preference.
    I need to write with a fellow literate writer. Someone that can write at LEST 3-5 good solid paragraphs of detail and skill. One liners are silly to me, I don’t like them and they annoy me really. I don’t see the point in playing if there isn’t any depth to the story.
    Now, on to my thread request. I am looking to play a long term storyline with my partner playing the part of Loki.
    A mix between Norse Mythology, the Thor movie, and comic books.
    Of course, I would like the Loki to be the one from the Thor movie/Avengers///given as the Norse god is up for speculation on looks, and the comic book Loki well….lets be honest, he is NOT good looking.
    While I will be playing the part of Sigyn. (Those that don’t know Sigyn is Lokis wife in Norse Mythology.)
    Plot line: The setting is that of the city of Asgard, a beautiful golden metropolis as the people did their daily lives of work, as the people of the palace ready themselves for one of Odin’s balls. The only two not interested in the ball is Loki and Thor, both young, handsome and well brothers. They are less than interested into going to some silly ball.
    But, being as they are the Princes of Odin….they are to be there in this best dress and best behavior. Both boys would rather be out with the Warriors three, drinking at the Golden Stag or out running the town. But as their parents, mostly their mother Frigga forcing them to go, they are planted at the ball. Surrounded by other royals all dancing and having a good time. Food and drink flows like water in the grand ball room.
    Both boys, bored sit on the steps near their fathers throne. Talking to each other about everyone around them. Till, Loki sees her. Sigyn.
    An angel among the guests as he stops talking to Thor. Making Thor look as well. Only to joke at Loki and poke fun at his stupid look on his face. But, as is possessed Loki stands and walks to her. Asking her to dance. Thor is shocked, Loki never danced!
    In this moment, they mesh….soon spending all the time they could together.
    Loki finds her impeccable. She is sweet and loving and oh so beautiful.
    Her father on the other hand, cares little for the wants and loves of his daughter. Planning on marrying her off to a young warrior named Theoric. Father chose their daughters husbands, and daughters did not disobey fathers. As well as women did not disobey their husbands. Once an Asgard woman is married she is married to that man for life, until one of them dies. This marriage had been in place for some time and his daughters new fond love affair with Loki as something she was going to have to get over.
    Sigyn expresses this awful news to Loki, who…does not take it well. He wants her all to himself. She is his and no one else’s. At first he asked her father, Odin, All-father to intervene and tell Sigyns father that he MUST stop the wedding and allow Loki to court Sigyn. Odin, tells Loki no. That a father has the right to do with a daughter as he pleases. Filled with anger and jealous rage, Loki is not one to be told no………..
    Waiting till a group of Asgardian men are on a mission to Muspelheim to check in and make sure all was the runnings that it should be. Thor, and Loki and the Warriors three among the band of men. As well as the Warrior Theoric.
    Upon their arrive, the people are not to pleased to see them but know Odin’s all power they healed to not killing them….till, a shot was fired. A arrow whizzing into the face of a bowing demon. Needless to say, battle began.
    During battle, looking cared not for the monsters around them. His eyes were set on one man. Picking up a sword from a dead demon……and as the others are busy in battle, he sneaks up on Theoric. Stabbing him in the back, Loki first act of horror as he lets the man die. Many people would not do this, but not many were as wanting as Loki was for Sigyn. Only two Asgard men died in the battle. Both by the hands of monster…except this monster went him with the Asgardians. With the “awful” news of Theorics death.
    Thor, thinking it was slightly strange….but did not say anything. His brother could not have done such a thing. Loki was to kind and gentle to do that to another member of Asgard.
    Going to Sigyn to comfort her.
    He takes her as his wife….But soon finds himself in another issue in life. Who he really is and that Odin will be picking a king. (Thor Movie storyline) Once more, Loki finds himself angry and lost and will go to any length to insure his right. Even though Sigyn is in the middle of this personal struggle of her husbands, she can see him changing. As is something snapped inside of him. He begins to get short with her and nasty under the stress and anger. Causing a lot of conflict between them….but she is his wife, and will stay true.
    (End of the Avengers) Loki is bought back to Asgard a prisoner. And Sigyn is there to greet him upon his return. Her husband has done….horrible things. Things that can not be forgiven. But still, from the first to the last day, she is faithful and loyal to Loki (Even with MANY suitors.) and Odin granting her pardon from Loki given his actions. Odin, shocked by her agreement to remain married to a mad man, grants her a Goddess code. Sigyn, Goddess of Fidelity. Her loyalty and love holding true.
    If you feel you would be up to playing this, please massage me. If not, I have many other ideas and plots! Please feel free to send me a message anytime over anything! I am quite friendly!