Looking for MxMs, possibly M&Ms

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  1. So, I'm gonna start out by saying I have a lot bouncing around in my head. Please excuse me if I get off track at any point.

    So, first of my information, I do prefer PMs rather than the forums, but I can work with the forums. I can also do MxF, but this thread is specifically for MxM. I can do paragraph roleplay when I'm in the mood and I'm given the information, though I tend to do a single paragraph most of the time. I don't mind how much you post as long as it gives me enough information to make a reply, but don't always expect me to match it.

    Now, on to the things I want in a roleplay~ Be sure to also check out my resume for extra information, please.
    ~Diabolic Esper/Lunatic Psyker or Mastermind
    ~Male!Ara/Demon Ran or Aren Haan

    ~OC Trainer/Gijinka
    ~Riley/OC Trainer
    ~Steven Stone/OC Trainer

    Diablo 3
    ~Demon Hunter/Lord of Hell
    ~Supernatural Being/Hunter
    ~Arranged Marriage
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  2. I'm interested. I generally prefer private message roleplays as well.
    What caught my eye here specifically were Supernatural Being/Hunter, Arranged Marriage, and Bully/Victim.

    Elsword rings a bell and I definitely know Pokemon but I don't think I've played enough Pokemon or really researched it to start roleplaying it.
    I read your resume as well. If you're interested in discussing any further meet me in PMs.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.