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  1. Hey guys, I am totally craving a MxM Roleplay! I have a few ideas if your in that craving mood but don't have a story in mind!

    However if you do have some marvelous ideas please send a pm my way!

    About Me

    -I am basically a 23 year old girl who loves drawing and writing! I live, I laugh, I love...

    What I like

    -I like being "uke" as the kids call it, the smaller boy on the bottom in other words

    -I love writing in detail, I dont expect you to write a five paragraph essay every time because I don't want to pressure anyone into counting sentences...but just don't do one liners okay? In other words enjoy the story but put effort into it

    -I love adventure as well as romance in the story

    -Themes I like:

    School (collage)
    Comedy (as long as another theme goes with this)
    Period (1800's to 1960 themes)

    -I will do furry roleplays or human/humanoid

    -I love passionate sex scenes so please be 18 years or older!

    What I hate

    -Celebrity, anything having to do with any real Hollywood actors

    -Incest in any form

    -Angels/Demons roleplay

    -God modding

    -people who don't reply at least twice a day

    (If you want to instant message Roleplay I do have Kik pm me about it)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.