looking for MxM (omega universe)

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  1. i have this idea i would love to do and im willing to change anothing around for anyone
    all i ask is to reply at least one one-two lines
    this story is kinda in the omega universe, but i kinda wanted them to have neko like tails and ears, if not that's fine. in this story there are two rivaling families (wolf family and purebred nekos) that rule over different kingdoms. one night while attending a friend's party two sons from either family meet away from the festivities without relizing that they are enimies. anyother thing, Sol Greyson(my character), youngest son of the wolf family (and an omega) is in heat and his suppressant pills are failing him. after a night and hookup the next day, they must go back to their lives without knowing who the other really is, until the families meet the next mouth to work out a treaty and they finnally figure it out. what happens next is all open~

    i would like to be submissive but i can change charactersl, im dieing to do this!
    message me if your interested and/or have questions about thw omega universe
  2. I could take you up on that xD
  3. alright please message me and we'll get started
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.