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  1. Hello! My name is Marilyn Fae, but you can call me Fae or Marilyn or Mare, or really anything you'd like. . . Although I do prefer them to be nice names! :) Anywho. . . Thank you for taking a look! First thing, here's a little about me! :

    • I am nineteen years old, so although I am still coping with the real world and surviving it, I am counted as an adult! Therefor if we decide to do smut, you must be 18+ and we will follow all of Iwaku terms and condition! But I would prefer plot over smut! And if we do smut, I'd rather it be through PM!

    • I usually try to post at the very least two paragraphs but I always try my best to get out three or four. The most I will ever post is about six paragraphs unless I love our role-play!

    • I am a huge fan of romance! All of it! Although I love romance, I want it to develop over time so that our role-play doesn't die off within the first day. . . So I want to take things slow with it!:)

    • Along with loving romance, I love drama! But not so much that it's every two replies we throw something crazy in! Sometimes I will randomly throw in a couple curve balls and I expect my partners to also, just not every single reply! Don't go too overboard with drama. Haha.

    • I prefer to keep in contact with my partners through PM. I think that keeping a good friendship with them will help better our role-play, and it will also be a great chance to make friends!! :)

    • I only do MxF role-plays, but I am open to playing Male or Female! In some I do prefer to play one over the other, but I will let it known if that is the case!

    • I only use realistic face claims in my character sheets, I apologize! I just find it easier. I will make a few exceptions if my partner must use anime although I don't like it.

    Alright! I'm sure you've heard enough about me. . . If you're still interested. . . Here's a little about what I expect from my partners:

    The thing about my expectations, I would never ask my partners to do these things if I won't be either. So all of this is what I will be doing an didn't will be hoping for my partners to do also!

    ~ I post several times a day, although I am doing school most days. I try my best to be active but if I will be gone and I know about it ahead of time, I will let you know.

    ~ I post several paragraphs, and I hope to receive at least one or two paragraphs from my partners in the reply. I understand that everyone has off days, but I hate one liners. Every now and then I understand, but if you're having trouble, message me and I may be able to help!

    ~ If you will be gone 2+ days, please let me know through PM so that I don't think you've quit on me!

    ~ If I don't get a reply in 2 days, I will send you a message and ask if everything is alright. If I haven't heard from you in a week, I will delete the role-play, unless I am aware of the absence!

    ~ If you don't like one of my posts or something I do, I want you to tell me! Please! Haha!

    Okay, now that that is over with, I have some pairings!

    The characters that are highlighted in green are the characters I would like to play.

    The characters in orange are the characters I don't mind to play. If it's all in orange then I don't mind playing either.

    One ☆ means I don't care to do this pairing, and then the rating all the way to five ☆ mean it's a total must for me!


    Best Friend x Best Friend ☆☆☆☆

    Roommates ☆☆☆☆

    Player x Hard To Get ☆☆☆

    Jock x Shy Girl ☆☆☆

    Cancer Girl x Bad Boy ☆☆☆☆

    School Bully x Nerdy Girl ☆☆

    Neighbor x Neighbor ☆☆

    Werewolf x Human ☆☆

    Supernatural x Human ☆☆☆

    Supernatural x Supernatural ☆☆

    Popular Guy x Geeky Girl ☆☆☆

    Shy Girl x Spontaneous Guy ☆☆☆

    Shy Guy x Spontaneous Girl ☆☆

    Adventurous Guy x Adventurous Girl ☆☆☆

    Adventurous Guy x Shy Girl ☆☆

    Okay! Now, for some of my plots! :)

    Again, the more I am craving the plot, the more stars will be by it! :D


    Hopeful to Forget


    Character A and Character B had a wonderful past to say the least. They were best friends for years and eventually fell in love. They dated happily and we're the perfect couple that everyone wanted to be. They always made up when they got into fights, but one night when everything fell apart, Character B disappears and isn't seen again by anyone expect his parents until Character A starts college and moves into their dorm to see their old lover and friend waiting for them.

    A Summer In Italy


    Character A and Character B have been best friends for many years. For more years than they can count on their fingers. They have always been there for each other, even when they couldn't stand each other. They were in fact complete opposites of course. Now that their senior year has came and gone, they have three months to spend their last summer together. Characters A's aunt invites them to stay with her in Italy for the summer, so Character A invites Character B and they go to Italy to spend what could be the last part of their lives as best friends together. While in Italy roaming and admiring the amazing culture, the two best friends start to become more than friends, but have yet to realize it.

    The Stars in the Sky Tonight


    Character A has been battling cancer for nearly eleven years. She was never suppose to make it past her eighth birthday, but now that she makes it past her eighteenth, she decided to quit her chemo treatments and live her life to the fullest, although the shy girl doesn't necessarily know how. She gets put into a school club to help support students in their problems, where she meets Character B. Of course he's you everyday normal bad boy that everyone knows is trouble, but he somehow finds a soft spot for the girl fighting cancer. They continue to be to know each other, but she withholds the information of her quitting chemo, until a sudden attack ends her in the hospital, barely alive when she is forced to tell him.

    A New Beginning


    Character A has just moved into the new city. She just began college and was balancing her social life, school work, a job, and her internship all in one day. Frantic to find a place to stay, she moves into an apartment with Character B. Although Character A is bright and bubbily, Character B is dark and mysterious, nothing like Character A. They get to know each other very little, but they do become friends. When Character A receives a call from her mother to bring her boyfriend of seven months she lied about to her sisters wedding, she somehow convinces her hot, mysterious roommate to go with her. Little does she know she would actually fall for her fake boyfriend.

    A Soldier in Blue


    Character A just started working on getting her bachelor in nursing when her friend showed her a letter company who found you a pin pal to soldiers to keep them company. When she is paired with Character B, she is surprised that over time, as they talk, they grow fond of each other and fall in love. Once he comes back for his first break, they meet and fall in love all over again until he is sent off again.

    (I'm not sure how to word this role-play, but basically we just go through their relationship and the hardships they face until she finally gets her nursing degree and goes into the military with him to be a nurse for the army. Then we go through that and who knows what all we could come up with!)

    I am always open to any other ideas and I would love to do any role-play with anyone! Anyone should feel free to always PM me or just let me know you're interested! I hope to find some great partners! :D
  2. Hello there. I wouldn't mind doing a roleplay with you, if you are still interested.
  3. Of course I am! @Cardiac Kid
    Feel free to PM me and we can talk about plots and pairings!:)
  4. Hey! I would love to do the stars in the sky tonight rp! It sounds so romantic!
  5. Awesome! Just send me a PM and I'll respond first thing in the morning! I have school tomorrow so I'm going to head to bed, but I can wait until I get your message! :)

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