Looking for More Partners!

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  1. So, I am in need of new partners. Please be able to write 3+ paragraphs. I can write huge pages full of just one roleplay's reply, but I tend to write as much as my partner writes. But I really do love to write pages and pages xD Decent spelling is a plus, too, but if I can mostly figure out what you're saying and it's not every single sentence, then it's fine, for the most part.

    Now that that's done with, here's what I'm really looking for.

    I just finished the anime Clannad, and though I didn't get emotionally distraught like those I know mostly did, I like the ideas behind it. So I want a roleplay that is in its base just sweet and tragic romance. It's so cotton candy soft pink shoujo that I feel like barfing just at the idea, but I want something like that.

    We'd be using our own characters/plot, but it would make me so very happy to do this idea. GIVE ME THE SLICE-OF-LIFE SHOUJO RP NOW. ALL OF IT!!! I'm fine playing male or female, it doesn't matter, but I'd like this to only be mxm or mxf. If it's mxm, I'd like to be the uke, but that's only if.

    Besides that, I have a few other ideas I'd like to try. They're all from writing prompts, and are just basic ideas, but I like them all.

    Idea 1--Sort of fantasy-ish: A disease spread throughout the world, killing off most humans. Those that didn't die became mindless beasts as seen in movies like I am Legend, if they weren't lucky. Those that were developed genetic mutations, which passed on to their children. The mutations caused changes that could only be explained as dhampirs, shapeshifters, and mages. It would be about banding together, getting a cure made, and surviving, basically.

    Idea 2--Yay! Fantasy!: In this world, there are only a few healers. Each of them have their own magicks and powers, and anyone can be a healer, but there's one catch: every sickness and injury they heal is reflected back on the healer.

    Idea 3--Somewhat fantasy but more sci-fi: A utopian version of our world literally sits on top of a world stuck in medieval times. The rich are on top, the poor are stuck at the bottom, and there are many who question why this came to be.

    Idea 4--Genre-bended!: A world in which magic was so powerful that it created an apocalypse, and now the characters are living in a non sci-fi post apocalypse.

    Idea 5--More genre-bending!: A fantasy world that has developed electricity.

    Idea 6--Super fantasy!: A magic system where anything written in red ink becomes true. However, red ink has become increasingly rare as the king stockpiles all of it in order to gain power over not only his enemies but his people, too.

    Idea 7--Nerdy fantasy!: A world where magic is like computer programming. Mages can write magical spells like you would write HTML or JavaScript and sell them to commonplace people.

    Idea 8--Science fantasy!: A fantasy world advanced enough to parallel Earth in 2013.

    Idea 9--FANTASY: A world with magic suddenly loses its magic.

    Idea 10--Don't have a genre for this one: A fantasy where an underground (literally) communication network exists. Like Minecraft.

    The first two I'm already in rp's for, so I'd prefer to do the other eight, if you don't mind.
  2. Well you know me and i can type three paragraphs for one scene of role play so it wouldn't be hard, Anything you have in mind Just Pm me.