Looking for mentally challenging / intense rp

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  1. Hey all,

    I don't really have a plot in mind yet, I just know that I'm desperately looking for a rp that has me on the edge of my seat again. That drives me beyond anything before when it comes to creativity and that is a true mindfuck, intense, dark rp. Obviously with the 'light' parts there too.... as long as it's emotionally challenging, I'm fine with it.

    Looking for someone to fill in the male role. Preferably men, but if you're (as a woman) confident enough in your skills of putting down a male, be my guest :-)

    Oh and:

    - Decent grammar
    - Think along with the plot, be active and creative
    - Preferably fast replies
    - Open communication
    - No problems with rp'ing in PM

    Looking forward hearing from you :-)
  2. Im actually interested in rping with you :)
  3. Ghehe you say that as if it's a surprise? :p Send me a pm please :-)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.