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  1. Hi there everyone!

    I'm looking for partners who are open minded and willing to talk to me while roleplaying. I'm a pretty happy and open person so feel free to talk to me about anything.

    Actual roleplaying stuff:

    I don't really have rules, only the basics.

    1. No one liners, I can adapt to most people as it really depends on how much information I get from your post.
    2. Plan with me! I love coming up with new ideas and such. And trust me, if you want to try something, I'll do it with you. As long as it's not on my no go list that is. Please please tell me if you want to try something, don't like something, or anything. Communication is key!
    3. Do warn me if you're going off somewhere!
    4. Please please please have proper grammar and spelling. Mistakes are fine, but constant misspellings which may not be your fault kind of irritate me. If I point one out, please don't be annoyed at me! Feel free to point out any of mine as well.

    Honestly I do enjoy a fair amount of pairings. If you want to try something, I'll likely be up for it. However if you need some ideas, here.

    Romantic Pairings
    Angel x Demon
    Student x Teacher
    Assassin x Assassin
    I'll add some more when I think of them... (These are pretty simple right now)

    Non-romantic pairings
    Owner and dog (maybe the dog can talk I dunno)
    Two friends get into some sort of trouble, could go romantic
    If you're up for non human ones, I LOVE DRAGONS
    Two people with unusual skills meet and become unlikely friends
    Gotta think of some more >.>


    I can do any setting. No real favourites, so there ya go.

    I do enjoy MxM a fair amount, however I have been wanting to try a FxF. I can do MxF too. Also willing to play both roles. Thread or PM, doesn't matter to me.

    IF you would like to do a libertine with me, PM me. Please keep in mind I am UNDER 18 and so will not accept roleplaying sexual stuff with people over the age of 18 as per Iwaku's rules.

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