Looking for Male Partners for MxF roleplays

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  1. Lets get straight into business, Shall we?

    About me/Requirements:
    • I post anything from 1-8 paragraphs (You have the option of post anything from one paragraph to anything you want)
    • I can play all genders and sexualities but for this moment in time I would prefer to play straight/bisexual women. (I would prefer you to be playing a male)
    • I can play multiple characters and love to do so! (I would prefer you like to as well but I won't force you to)
    • I have minor spelling and grammar mistakes every now and then. (I don't mind if english is not your first language or it is and you just are really bad at it. As long as I can understand what you are trying to say)
    Ideas/Pairings: [If you do not like the characters we can change them ^-^]
    Setting: Dark Abandoned Circus/Amusement Park
    Genre: Mysterious/Fantasy
    Time: Victorian
    C1: Lone Acrobat.
    C2: Orphan boy

    Setting: Fantasy Kingdom
    Genre: Fantasy
    Time: Medieval
    C1: Faun/Saytr
    C2: Sun elf

    Setting: Alien Planet
    Genre: Sci-Fi
    Time: Futuristic
    C1: Native from the Planet
    C2: Human Scientist

    Setting: Small City
    Genre: Supernatural
    Time: Victorian
    C1: Vampire Noble
    C2: Middle class Girl

    Setting: Quiet Town/Mythical World
    Genre: Slice of Life/Supernatural and Fantasy
    Time: Modern/Unknown
    C1: Witch
    C2: 19 year old boy who has secret powers
    More info: The story will take place in many different places some times in a quiet town and sometimes in a deep fantasy world when she takes him in and out of the gateways to her world.

    Setting: Kingdom
    Genre: Mythical/Royalty/Gods&Goddesses
    Time: Medieval
    C1: God of Nature
    C2: Abused Queen

    Setting: Small Broken city that is being ruled by thugs and gangs
    Genre: Crime/Drama/Action
    Time: Modern
    C1: Tattoo Artist
    C2: Gang Leader

    I have many many more ideas these were just some I could throw out there off the top of my head. Have a good day/afternoon/night and thank you for lending me some time out of your day!
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  2. Still looking
  3. Hello,

    It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Etch, and I'd be happy to consider a role play with you. I am a female in real life, but I generally play heterosexual men. I don't usually do romance-oriented role plays, however, so please consider that. I'm fine with romance, however, as long as there is more plot than romance. I generally only play one character at a time, although I might be able to handle two. I do play side characters often, though, but they don't usually play a major role and have very minor character development. If you can play two or more characters at a time, hats off to 'ya! I'm not amazing like that. :/ So, I'll likely only play one character, although you're free to do more than one if you want. Also, I'm pretty sure that everyone makes spelling/grammar mistakes sometimes, so don't worry about it. :)

    I'm somewhat interested in the Lone Acrobat x Orphan boy and Tattoo Artist x Gang Leader pairings, although I actually have a suggestion to make myself. I've been itching for a Juvenile Delinquent x Therapist roleplay. Something like this:

    Felix Alvear lives in his own little world. He's apathetic, unpredictable, and sadistic. A loose bomb that could set off at any time, he's been locked away in a child correctional facility after attempting the armed assault of an elderly man. But he has potential that no one else can see: He's incredibly pliable, and is by no means unintelligent. You are Felix's therapist, tasked with making sure he's ready to go back to the outside world when the time comes. It'll be a difficult task, however, and Felix doesn't seem to be too keen on making it easy for you.

    You can find more specific information about Felix here:

    EDIT: (I just realized the link is on a different site. God, I'm dense. I don't know if you need to be registered to see the link, but if you do, just PM me and I'll copy and paste the information in PM's.)

    [Seeking] Looking for a Literate Partner

    If you're interested in the plot I stated, feel free to hit me up! Otherwise, I'd like to discuss the other two pairings you suggested in PM's.

    Thank you,
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  4. Hey there! I was searching and was interested in the Quiet town/Mythical World setting. Ususally in these types of settings you have the lazy bum who does nothing all day as the male protagonist, but I thought, what if we change it up and instead do the super busy Student Council President instead? Really, I can play any character, but the play on the stereotype would be a lot of fun
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  5. Just pm me and we can discuss it! ^-^
  6. Still looking~
  7. Interested in Tattoo Artist and Gang Leader
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