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looking for male partner for MxF roleplay

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by lunaria jones, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. hi im looking for someone to rp one on one with. i have some ideas but if you have some ideas feel free to say them and we can work something out.

    teacher x female student
    college student x host
    host x client
    master x slave girl
    college buddies
    wizard x human
    Thor and human girl
    Loki and human girl
    ninja x ninja
    assassin x prince
    assassin x princess

    i have more these are just a couple i thought up on the top of my head.
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  2. cool did you want to do all 3 or just 1 cuz im ok either way.
  3. I guess we can fit all three into one somehow :)
  4. ok how about vampire hunter teacher and vamp student. they both go to a normal boarding school for regular humans but the vampire is hiding as a student and your hiding as a teacher to hunt down her family
  5. oooooh I like it :D or maybe she thinks my OC is just a normal student, they get together and the hunter teacher finds out she's a vamp somehow?
  6. yeah. it could be her first week there and he follows her as she is sneaking out and goes to a nightclub. they could hit it off and there he finds out her secret.
  7. sounds good :)

    I'll make my profile now :)
  8. still looking for more 1 on 1 partners
  9. still looking for some partners
  10. i would love to do some RP with you. PM me and we can get it set up. I'd love to try the teacher x student and/or the vampire x human.
  11. Send me a pm regarding the type of ninja you were thinking of. Might be interested in that pairing.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.