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    So, I'm looking for a partner who could potentially play some sort of cliché tough male. This will be a male x female type of RP -- MC being female and YC being male. I was thinking of an Apocalypse RP with lots of demonic creatures instead of just zombies. It would be both Survivial and Romance and Action, I guess? I'd love for whoever decides to join to PM me about it as well as any plot ideas, because honestly, that's not really my speciality LOL. Eventually, it would get Mature Rated so you have to be okay with that. Today, (4-26) I will be gone all day, but do not be discouraged. Reply here or send me a PM of any ideas you may have! :)

    I'm not too picky, but I'm simply asking for a partner who is:
    1. Grammatically Stable: I'm down for long paragraphs with lots of information and lots of perfect flow. Capitalizing and ending sentences correctly. Ya know, the usual.
    2. Graphic: This can be PMed about, but I'm alright with graphic scenes or nah. Either way there could be gore, strong language, sexual content, and even drugs or mafias. I have no idea. It depends on your preferences and what you're comfortable with. Also, if we decide on being graphic, I still like correct grammar and etcetera.
    3. Long Term: I'd really like to keep this roleplay, however it decides to go, going for a very, very long time. That means we can come up with as many story arc's or twists that will make us happy. And if we come to the ending we could create a group one together for other people to join and enjoy.
    4. Creativity: If you plan to join me on this wonderful journey, please be creative! I have my days, but sometimes two heads are better than one. We can brainstorm!
    5. Have Fun: If we do pair up I really want you to have fun so if in anyway you aren't, we can work something out! I'm nice and maybe we can even be best buddies in the end. :)
    If it ain't taken... Ya know the male character.
  3. If you're still looking for a male character I'd be happy to join your story. If not, no worries, otherwise, let me know. c:
  4. @Noceur: Lololol if you want we could def create a 1x1 RP.
    @Drake Vampiron: I'm still looking! It's a big puzzle story so if you have any ideas please PM me! I don't bite.
  5. Uuuugh, that rick roll when I checked your profile XD

    If you are still looking then I would be up for this RP. I come online every day and usually stay on for like 8-14 hours (no life ftw). I like being detailed and I love weaving complicated plot and stories. Since you are not only looking for a zombie survival, and you intend to have demons in as well, it means I can just throw away 'realism' when it comes to story building and I can just implement portals and interesting ways of destruction into the world ^^

    Other then that, thank you for reading my reply, good luck and have fun ^^
  6. @Serath: Come here friend! Would you like to join me then on an incredible journey through whatever our minds poop out? What is realism? Hehe for real work with me on an incredible fantasy thing if ya wish. You already sound like you got some ideas so shoot me a PM and I can send motivational gifs. :P I'm for about the same time cause no life so whoop.
  7. For the life of me I don't know how everyone just knows how to tag! XD
    hmmm @EMajyyks <- did this work? Probably. haaaa. Well now i feel like an idiot XD

    I'll hit you up with that PM now ^^
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