Looking for M x M partner.

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  1. So, hi!

    Getting right to it, I prefer male x male relationships more than anything, although I don't mind doubling as female or something like that. I also don't have any particular plot in mind either, so I'm up for anything. So, give me what you got if you have an idea. But if you'd like to just talk it out with me instead and try to figure something out, that would be totally fine.

    Actually, just to give some idea of what I like..I like romances that are slowly built up. Where two strangers meet and maybe they'll fight over who gets the last book on the shelf and gradually just end up as partners over the silliest things. Something like that. I'm sucker for cheesy stuff, even. I'm also totally cool with adding supernatural, fantasy types of things into it, yeah.

    I'm still interested finding partners...
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  2. I'm up for it :)
  3. Sweet! :) Got anything in mind or do you want to talk it through or something like that?
  4. I'm up for it as well! ^_^ We can do anything in the Yaoi. Fantasy, Slice of life... Whatever! Just not Sci-fi or Medieval fantasy..... Did I say anything? XD

    Anyways. I'm up for it, we can do just a cute romance or some spicy love. Your pick. Idk.

    Sorry for my blabbering! :p

    Just to clear this out, I'm up for a MxM. Tell me when to PM you if you're interested. Thanks~ :D

    P.S Sorry for my awkwardness...
  5. Awesome! And you weren't being awkward, not to me anyways! Aha. I'm totally interested. So go ahead and PM if you like so we can decide what to do!~
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  6. I have nothing in particular but I'm up for planning~
  7. Great!~ PM me maybe? Or however you want to do this, I guess, aha.
  8. I'd love to RP with you! Feel free to shoot me a PM, and hopefully we can talk something out!
  9. I would like to rp with you!
    PM if you are still interested! ^^
  10. Hello :) I'm completely new to this site so I genuinely have no idea how to do anything, but I'd love to RP with you if you're up for it :)
    I love the slow build-up to a romance, because it gives you stuff to reference later, and it's just cute ;) So if you're up for it you could maybe PM me? Or tell me how to PM you, because I have yet to figure that out... x)
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