Looking for M to my F. Many types of settings and pairings possible.

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    • I'm looking for a (few) partners to roleplay with. I mainly play females, and prefer only MxF pairings.

      I've got a range of pairings that I wouldn't mind doing/trying, but I'd love to see what others might have in mind.

      Some people have a clear cut preference on how much focus they want or don't want on the 'mature' part of the roleplay, but I don't care to be honest.
      I don't mind what the main focal point is, it could be mainly plot with a little bit of smut, or flipped all the way around to have mainly sex scenes with a minimal amount of story to keep it from going boring, or anything in between that.
      Whatever is your preference, we'll go with that. And don't put the choice back in my hands, I don't like that haha.
      Same goes for how explicitly things are written. I can do fade to black, all the way up to describing exactly what the characters are doing together without euphemisms/code names.

      I'm not really a fan of wishy washy softy guys that blow over in one little bit of resistance. Give'm a little back bone and I'm happy. No need for full on macho man (unless that's really what you'd like to do of course) but it's a definite no go for me if the guy is a full softy.
      I in turn like to play girls that put up a bit of a fight, have a bit of an attitude, are new to a situation, or knows exactly what they want. How it's exactly defined depends of course on what kind of a roleplay we end up doing.

      I'll try and make the choice list as simple as I can so we can figure as much out as possible without too much fuss :)

      Also, I don't expect perfection in posts. I definitely don't want one-liners, but writing two to five paragraphs in the middle of a fuck scene is not always handy.
      Also, should I lose interest, or be away for a long time, I'll try to let you know when I can, as I would expect the same treatment of you.

      When stating interest here I would like if you could at least mention if you're looking more for plot, sex, or a balance. Just so we both know what we're getting into. It would be kind of awkward otherwise if I had expected it to be more plot based, while you were hoping to fuck my character's brains out, you know? ;)
    • These are various settings that could be done. Exact specifications of course will be determined together with you depending on what is chosen/preferred.
      Fairly straight forward, a historical setting that doesn't have much added to it. This particular setting can range from caveman days, middle ages, 1920's or anything in between.
      Can be a very good combination with Pirate, Royal, Trader, or Traveler stories.​
      Historical Fantasy
      Similar to Historical it is set in the past, where it could be similar to an actual era, or something derived off of it.
      Themes such as Steampunk, Vampire, Magical Royal, Magic, Holy being, or Merfolk could fit well with this setting.​
      As straight forward as it gets. Set in this day and age (can be a few years in the past or future as well, but not so far that it becomes Historical or Futuristic)
      The themes that work well with this setting could include Traveler, School, Gang, or Cosplay oriented themes.​
      Modern Fantasy
      In similar fashion to the Historical Fantasy, and Modern setting, it is set in the modern world, but with a twist of some kind. Twists can include magic, or full on alternate situations.
      This combines well with Vampire, Magic, Alternative dimension, Zombie, or Holy being themed situations.​

      *The mentioned themes are including but not limited to that amount per setting. More themes can often apply.
    • These can be matched up to various settings. This list can be added to from anything that you might want instead. If what you'd like isn't on here, just ask, maybe it's simply something I had forgotten to list but would love to do.
      Pirate-Captive (Royal, Commoner)
      Pirate-Stowaway (Royal, Commoner, Girl that pretended to be a boy)
      Vampire-Human (Captive, Slave, Person that simply likes vampires)​
      Cosplayer-Ordinary person
      Cosplayer-Famous person​
      Royal-Royal (Willing, Unwilling)
      Merman-Mermaid (Royal, Commoner, Opposing families)
      Merfolk-Human (Chance meeting, Captive)​
      Holy Being
      Angel-Demon (Captive, Slave)​
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  1. verry interesting can you by chance pm me so we can discuss some rp ideas
  2. Sending :)
  3. Let's chat if you'd like.
  4. Sure, just message me or whatever ;)
  5. I'm interested in roping with you. Pm me to discuss ideas?
  6. Will do!
  7. I'll be up for a Modern School plot with either Plot or Balance focus.
  8. Sure, just send me a pm or so so we can work things out :)
  9. I'd be up for a cosplayer/cosplayer rp! Maybe 35-65 plot to smut.
  10. i would be up for working pretty much any of these plots to be honest