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  1. About Me, gray

    Let's start with an introduction. My name is Kitsunemage (no, not really- but I'm not gonna throw my real name up here) but you can call me Kit. Like Harrington... only female. And not named Harrington. So just Kit.

    I am female (duh) 22 years old, and I've been roleplaying for about four years now. That doesn't mean much, however, since I've been writing most all my life. I am very well versed in literature (not really the classic kind) and as such, I would like to think that I am capable of superb feats of grammar and sentence structure. I won't guarantee anything (I am guilty of faulty proof reading) but the possibilities are certainly there.

    Warnings, gray

    This is a mature roleplay (obviously) but I still realize that not everyone is comfortable with the same kinds of things as everyone else. Now, I have a lot of warnings up there- a lot of them rather... kinky? I'm not sure how you would put that. Anyways, NOT EVERY ROLEPLAY WILL CONTAIN THESE THINGS.

    I am just as capable of being a teddy bear, as I am capable of becoming a hungering, slathering monster of mass destruction. Meaning, yes, I will roleplay anything with the above warnings, but I am not restricted to them. nor do I require them of my partner.

    Requirements, gray

    Now, these are things I do require of my partner. And no, this is not 'loose' or 'flexible'. They are called requirements for a reason.

    • Grammar
    Obviously, people have probably seen this coming. I do require a functioning knowledge of grammar and sentence structure. That doesn't mean you have to be perfect- I'm not. But I'd like to be able to understand my partner.

    • Post Length
    Easily the least important thing on this list. Post length will change. Sometimes, a succinct two paragraph post will have much more impact, or do more to carry on the story (and give the other player input on it's direction) then a whopping seven paragraph monstrosity will. Please don't ramble for the sake of filling out some inane 'post length requirement'. Sometimes my posts are short, sometimes they are long.

    Now, that doesn't mean I hate long posts. I love them with a fiery burning passion that may just overwhelm me one day when I have witnessed perfection, and send me careening into an inferno of delight and mind numbing awesome. Yea, I like long posts. But I like long posts with detail, drive, and direction. DDD people, gotta love it.

    • Formatting
    Now, I am all for making things pretty. I love finding new, and interesting ways to write things out, and make it look... well, interesting. But for the love of god, don't use pastel colors, or white coloring. Default, for plain text, and nice bold colors otherwise.

    I do not use the dark version of the site. I use the light version (which for some reason isn't default, go figure) and what that means is; my background is white. When you put white writing, on a white background, and I have to highlight in order to read it (same goes for yellows, pastel blues and pinks)... well, I probably won't be roleplaying with you for very long. It doesn't make a difference, if you use the 'black border option' to put a black border around the writing. It is extremely hard on my sensitive eyes. Compliance with this one is necessary.

    The Sweet core, gray
    Now onto the juicy fun bits. I'm down for almost any genre, almost any plot line (I like coming up with things with my partners). I do enjoy playing out other peoples stories (I find when it's my own idea, people just kind of.. listlessly follow along, and never add anything, hence my reluctance to put up anything resembling a plot) so don't hesitate to message me with already formed plots.

    I will say this, I'm looking for something steamy, riddled with sexual tension, but plot driven. Just a craving, hence the limited availability.

    Now, if you have a serious case of TLDR, please don't reply. If you have on your resume, intermediate or below, I will not reply.

    And, if you are an absolute and utter doll, you will reply with a snippet of your writing. (I will offer one myself upon request, there is one in my roleplay resume however)

    And that's it!

    Good hunting :)
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  2. Still looking ;A;
  4. Oh ho, A challenger approaches! Throw me a PM, and we can chat
  5. looking some more!
  6. I'm interested. Since it seems you like kinky stuff go ahead and pm me about some of the kinkier ideas you got. I got few limits, (My rp resume would let you know this...but its sorta hidden away right now. DAMN YOU BETA TABS)
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  7. Hey there. My resume has a sample of my writing; take a look and if you like send me a PM with some of your ideas.
  8. Resumes are bugged out right now, they are still there just access them.
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