Looking for long term roleplays

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  1. I'm looking for roleplays of any kind. I am willing to consider just about any kind of roleplay, though I'm generally not going to be willing to do mxm, as I'm not familiar with it. So, if you'd like to make up a plot together, or have one you want to do and haven't found someone to do it with, just leave a message here or pm me.

    I can roleplay anywhere from one paragraph to three, but I really don't have a preference to how you post.
  2. Hello there! I have an idea that I've done once before but it's worth a new look. If you're all right with having several characters that helps.

    Two princes have come of age in a kingdom ruled by a kind king. The king is growing old and sickly but still tries to maintain the kingdom. He has made peace with the members of the fey that dwell within his lands. All is tentatively peaceful though many still bear unhappy feelings toward the fey and desire the land they have for themselves. The same can be said for the elder son. He has held a hateful spirit toward the fey for almost his entire life and can't wait for his father to die so he can retake the kingdom for the human race.
    The younger son sides with his father and most of the kingdom. He has a special affection for the fey and was raised by a fey nurse after his mother died of illness when he was a child.
    When the king dies, leaving the kingdom to the younger son and denying the elder his kingdom, the elder son tries to murder his brother but only succeeds in chasing him into the wilds. The younger son must now seek help from the fey and try to win back the kingdom before the elder brother can destroy everything their father built. But that may be harder than he thinks as he must learn to fight with more than just words.
  3. I'm interested. How many characters do you think I'd be playing, in approximations? I have done up to three, but I'm also an advocate for additional NPC's.
  4. Main characters? Probably just one or two. But hardly ever at the same time. But NPC's will likely be a bit more prevalent.

    I would like to take the young prince and suggest that you take a member of one of the fey races. (Elf perhaps?) Male or female, I don't care. Just someone who can be his partner in his adventure, his fighting teacher, and his friend. (If female there is a possibility for romance but I'm not a big fan of it in my rps on the whole.)
  5. That seems like it'd be interesting. I'd be more than willing to try it out.
  6. I would love to roleplay with you. Is there anything that you would definitely love to do? I am open for ANYTHING except smutt.