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  1. Hey, I'm Ana and boredom has hit me pretty hard. I don't have a lot of roleplay partners or ideas for that matter and I am in desperate need of a roleplay. I am a bit picky about the plots of my roleplays and how my character(s) will play a part in say roleplay, but for the most part I just need someone active.

    Here's a list of my Fandoms
    • Hunger Games
    • American Horror Story*
    • Frozen
    • (John Green)
    • Percy Jackson
    • Skins*
    • 50 Shades of Grey*
    • Mature*
    • Horror*
    • Modern Fantasy
    • Fantasy
    • Psychological*
    I normally only play female characters and I'm more of a submissive roleplayer because I haven't been doing this for long. I'm ALWAYS open to new ideas, plots, and scenarios! If you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, or anything at all you can just post down in the thread or PM me if you'd like.
  2. Hello, I'm Lily, and I'd love to roleplay with you!
    I mean how could I pass up a partner who uses a Parks and Recreation gif in their request? XD
    I'm into horror roleplays too and I mainly play dudes.
  3. You're perfect i'm screaming.
  4. Hey :D I would love to do a role-play with you :D I'm down for whatever you like :)

  5. I would be honored to rp with you. I'm new here and I, like you, am also looking for a partner :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.