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  1. As the title says I'm seeking some long term partners for various RP entertainment. So let's get down to business.

    A little bit about me:

    1. I am not picky I love just about anything except smut yaoi, yuri, and meccha based rps. You got an idea please throw it my way. The worst that can happen is I'll let you know that's not my cup of tea, but hey we can come up with something right?

    2. If we do RP please take note I go out of town once a month for about a week I'll be kind enough to let you know when I'm gone and when I return. If you can handle this that's all the more better, and for a bonus I got a tablet with a blue tooth keyboard. So if I get time I'll reply if not please don't get mad.

    3. There may be periods of time when I do slow down or bounce to other rp's for the day. It all depends what I feel up to doing that day, but I also have daily chores as well to attend too. So please be patient I will reply when I get the time.

    4. I ask for a partner who can actually post a decent paragraph or two and has proper spelling. If you can use periods, commas, exclamation, and question marks and make a good paragraph then you're good enough for me. I'm not well verse in most punctuation either and RP is meant to be fun not a chore ^^

    5. Lastly I'm up for anything right about now I just need some time to kill when I am stuck at home and not out of town. So please people PM me with your ideas ^^ I want quite a few multiple partners so hit me up everyone :P
  2. Hmmmm...

    Have been trying to "recruit" some people myself, but the one "bite" has been... well, everything has just stopped moving with that person. Me? I don't mind you being out for a week every month. I don't/can't post every day, myself, given I have no home internet connection and have to rely on a library/public computer and flash drive (to move "stuff" from pub comp to private/home comp). My days off are Wed./Thurs., and the library is closed Sun./Mon. So I get on when I can. If you don't mind that... and the fact I only RP non-human/humanoid alien/fantasy "critters" then, yes, I'd be interested in working out a storyline we could enjoy together.

    Coffeeshop Crossroad... an example of my work.

    If I have your attention so far, I can either start some ideas here, or you can shoot me a PM, and we can discuss there, to keep this thread "clean". Hope to hear from you soon.
  3. Just wanted to bump this up STILL LOOKING :(
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