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  1. Hello there im just looking for any real hetalia rp. Ill do most ships but some are just a big nope.
    -i will NOT do germancest or itacest
    -i will happily do and genderbends you wish.
    -i am open to MxM MxF and FxF
    -even if i dont understand your ship i will do my best to do it
    Okay so time for a few rules~
    -you must post at least once a day ans post at least 2 lines (4 if your using a phone)
    -im not the best speller and you don't expect you to be either
    -i might accidentally type with text lingo until i get on my laptop
    -if you get bored or want to do something else just be honest with me
    My favorite ships~♡
    -and probably more

    If your interested please message me or comment
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  2. I'll so do it! ;3
  3. I know u will ;)
  4. Anything for my Prussia ~
  5. Danke mein Leibling Romano~♡♡
  6. Of course *smiles and nuzzles u I begin to gently kiss ur soft pink lips* ur very soft Prussia
  7. *wraps arms around u* so are u
  8. Mn. Where do u mean? *blushing bright I keep kissing ur soft lips for what feels like an eternity*
  9. I mean here *grabs ur ass* maybe we should continue this elsewhere or are u making sure everyone knows im urs?
  10. U are a naughty boy Prussia but Spain will get so jealous
  11. Well ur mine so i could care less
  12. Mn oh ur so hot prussia~
  13. So are u lovi
  14. *blushes* am not Gilbert!! Shut up!!!
  15. U know what i don't feel like it
  16. *narrows my eyes at u
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.