Looking For Furrys and Anthros (there is a difference :3


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Hello there, if you clicked on this thread you probably like Furrys and or Anthros.

Let me quickly explain the difference.
(Ill add pictures)
Furrys tend to have more human features, and act humanin general. They walk and talk among the humans with no problem.

Some retain their claws but not most.
Have more animal features, don't do as we'll in public. They tend to have paws and claws instead of hands, and are prone to give into instinct, like an animal.

Ok now that that's out of the way.

I'm looking for male and female partners.

In terms of porn to plot, I only conduct porn with other men and I like to keep it about 70-80 % plot 29-30 % porn

With females, I can do romance, but I simply can't role play any sort of super intimate moment or sex with them.

(Have you figured it out yet, I'm gay)

My partners must:

Be able to post at least once every three days.
(Or tell me ahead of time there usual posting schedule)

Have eligible grammar
(Mines not bad, but it's not the best. So I'll deal as long as I can understand what you typed)

Posting length of one to two paragraphs.
6-10 sentences.

Be kind

Won't just follow raw plot. (Add your own twists to the plot, tell me what you want to see in it be proactive)

Will talk, (I like talking with my partners, don't worry I won't bite much)

And last but not least, have fun roleplaying.
(If your not enjoying the roleplay, tell me I'll try to fix that. Or jus tell me and quit, or you don't enjoy it don't waste you time to avoid being rude.)

All plots will be

The plot it's self can be discussed in pm, and I'll put some ideas here shortly.

((Anyway good day, if you are interested Pm me))​


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once we finish our Morenatsu thing, I'll be more than willing to do something with you ^^