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  1. Heya party people my name is Aquakitty, but you can call me either Aqua or just Kitty. I'm looking for people to rp with, to get me back into rping. Because I used to take vacations from roleplaying and because I have internet problems, I am rusty. I also want to do better when it comes to writing length, so I hope you don't mind dealing with a couple of sentences. That being said, I can sometimes come up with at least a paragraph but it all depends.

    Grammar: I am not a grammar nazi and yes we've all made quite few mistakes, so don't worry I won't rage on you about it. That wouldn't be fun now would it?

    Ideas: This is another terrible thing about me...which is sometimes not being able to come up with ideas and plots for rps. But that doesn't mean I won't try to come up with some along the way!

    Genre: I really like rping fanasty, action/adventure rps! I can do a bit of romance(not really a big fan of the lovey-dovey), and not a horror type of person. Though depending on the rp, like say MLP, then yeah I'll do it.

    Sexuality and Gender: Now don't think for a second that just because I'm a girl, I'll only rp as females. WRONG![​IMG] I can rp both male and female. I can also do MxF and even MxM(yes I like yaoi) but I will never do FxF.

    *means I want that role

    ~What I like to rp~
    -Trainer x Trainer
    -Trainer x Pokemon*
    -Trainer x Gijinka*
    -Pokemon x Pokemon
    -Canon x OC*
    -OC x OC
    -Canon x OC*
    -OC x OC
    -Wolves(or any animal)
    -Soul Eater
    -Naruto(always wanted to give it a shot)

    Note: I will not do Twilight or have anything Twilight related. I don't rp characters from the animes/shows because I actually find them hard to rp as, so if you want to use them go ahead feel free.

    -Animal x human
    -Anthro animal x human
    -Neko x Human/Hunter
    -Teacher x Student
    -Doctor x Patient
    [I'll add more when I think of other parings]

    If you have any you want to rp that I don't have up there, don't hesitate to ask [​IMG]

    Even if you just came to look, thanks for stopping by and have a cookie! *places chocolate cookies on a plate*

    Also note that I mainly roleplay at night
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  2. i am interested in doing one with you but there are so many choices
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  3. Take your time in picking which one you'd like to do lol. Pick which you would like doing more.
  4. well im interested in the trainer X gijinka. neko X human/hunter. and Angel X demon(i have a half angel half demon charcter i would use)
  5. I'd be up for trainer pokemon.
  6. Hello there, may I suggest a few ideas of my own?
  7. Hello! I'm interested in the Human x Dragon/Half-Dragon pairing if your still looking
  8. Trainer x gijinka!
  9. Perhaps "Anthro animal x human" or "Neko x Human/Hunter."
  10. I'm interested in the Han X Werewolf pairing =^.^= Just PM me if you're still looking
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