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  1. Hi, looking for a couple of additional laid back partners.

    First things first, let's set up a few ground rules.

    1. No incest, torture, or abuse, I also only do MxF pairings

    2. I don't do purely modern day settings, there must be some degree of fantasy or sci fi in it, I live in the modern world, I don't want to roleplay it.

    3. I do require decent writing from my partner, please note the thread is tagged 'adept' for posting expectations. I don't require a post everyday, or even in a week or more, I've got a busy posting schedule/real life and so do you no doubt, what I do require is relative good quality.

    4. I really have a hearty dislike of people who vanish without warning, if you're going to drop things, say so, furthermore do not indicate interest and then disappear on me in the middle of brainstorming

    5. I'm a very patient, relaxed, and friendly person, I don't bite, I promise.


    Fallout Furries

    Upon the arrival of WWIII, war lasted for at least two decades, before it finally all ended, with nuclear fire. The ending result was humanity being plunged into a dark age, where technology and society regressed to feudalism and medieval technology.

    Nothing is left of the old world, except it's people.

    Now radiation has caused mutations, causing some humans to become akin to animals, or furries. Often they are quite feral, and thus humans take them to 'farms' where the farmhands train them for various things, where once they are done, they are given jobs.

    Couple pairings here, first one is female x Feral, a female farmhand offers to help some new ferals learn how to cope with mating season, unaware that this involves being rutted quite heavily, and the other is male x feral female, which isn't difficult either, up to you.


    Amazoness Warrior

    Explorer's from another land sail across the sea to find new worlds, on the way there, their ship becomes heavily damaged due to accidents while sailing, it sinks, and only one survivor makes it, who enters the jungle to discover a culture of fierce warrior women who are stronger then men, but because of oddities with genetics very few men are born in their society, so a man is a highly valued and fought over commodity...




    Guy and a gal end up getting super powers, and unite to fight evil, not much to this then that


    That's all for now, if you have ideas of your own send them my way, I'm fairly open minded, even if you just have a skeleton of an idea.
  2. Fallout is closed, still looking for partners for other roleplays
  3. Still looking for partners
  4. I can do the Amazon rp with you, though I'm in the middle of moving cross country, my computer's packed, so as long as you're okay with somewhat short replies....
  5. Wouldn't it be easier to just wait till you're done moving?
  6. Yea that's not till the middle of July...
  7. How short is short then

    And I don't understand, how on earth does moving take 3 months?
  8. like 2 or 3 paragraphs,

    And it takes that long when you have to move a family of five (plus three pets) across the US from DC to California
  9. Um, that should be workable

    I just don't understand how you're posting at all if you have your computer packed away lol
  10. Magic 8D

    lol I'm using my phone
  11. How do you want to do this
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