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  1. Hello!

    As the title suggests, looking for a role play partner for a female character.

    I've been role playing for quite some time, looking for a Role Play partner for both original works and fan fiction works. Styles and genres of story include: noir, sci-fi, vigilante, time travel, detective drama, romance, drama, comedy, angst. I'm also open to trying new things too (except Anime - sorry, never got into it).

    I'm looking for a writer who can write at length and with detail. My writing style is very visual and detailed with multiple paragraphs. It's written in a way where you can see and hear what is going on with little effort. character descriptions and outfits get special attention to help visualise the characters, along with sounds and feel that go with them. Settings are also quite elaborate in their description. Again, my posts are details and expect some detail to match in return but I definitely promise a richer RP.

    The payoff is that I want to give my fellow role player equal creative say over the work. Once again, I am open to trying new genres too (including fandom).

    IDEA 1 - Costumed Vigilantes in Cyberpunk setting: dark detective noir with vigilantes

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    Lawyer by day, crime fighter by night. My character has learned fast that the law can conceal and evade justice almost as much as it aims to serve and protect. That's where my character comes in. However, his efforts are being undercut by the presence of a female vigilante who has her own concept of unleashing justice in a far more unrelenting manner than that of his own. Set in a Cyberpunk city (but no flying cars), the story is inspired by Batman, Daredevil, and Blade Runner (For the female, she would play a dark, violent and troubled vigilante. But, she also has a twisted sense of humour. A bad ass)

    IDEA 2 - Espionage Conspiracy Thriller: action thriller

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    a guy and a girl get talking at a party, hitting it off. After a few drinks, both of them black out only to find themselves bound and gagged in a basement somewhere. Little do they know, they have more in common than they think as they are both pulled into a conspiracy that concerns them both. (For the female, she would play a young, successful career woman with a firm head on her shoulders. Stubborn, but relatable)

    IDEA 3 - A World within a world: fun, quirky sci-fi

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    having just moved into the apartment block, all he expected were a few parties and hipsters to populate the apartment complex. That is until he meets his neighbour - a geek girl who designs virtual reality games so realistic, it is difficult to tell reality from fiction. (For the female, this would be a quirky, fun role)

    IDEA 4 - Girl on the run: a run and gun heist caper
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    It's as simple as this. he is getting into his car, just about to leave work. She is running down the street, outrunning a crime family she had just stolen from. She needs a getaway car, he wants a holiday. What could possibly go wrong? Lots - she holds him at gun point for his car and drags him along with her. (She would be tough, funny and sexy)

    IDEA 5 - Hostage situation in office building (action blockbuster style)
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    In similar fashion to die hard, a male and female find themselves in the right place at the wrong time when terrorists take control of a building by force. The male, played by me, is a simple I.T technician who is responsible for administering the core database for the company's expense account. Meanwhile the female, played by you, works in the accounting department but also has significant combat training. Together, the pair must work together to overcome the terror plot. Lots of action.


    Star Trek, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Batman
  2. I like Idea 3 in particular - could we do that?
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  3. Yep.

    PM me when it suits.
  4. tomaance and number one
  5. Would number 1 involve super powers?
  6. ...how does enhanced senses sound?
  7. Hmm...nah, I was hoping for more game changing super powers (super strength, flying, etc). No worries though, thanks for responding :)

    Good luck in your search! :D
  8. I could make a compromise....super strength?
  9. My attention has returned to you sir.
  10. Great :)

    PM me when it suits and we shall discuss.
  11. Idea 4 sounds good. Is that okay?
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  12. Idea 1! I love it!
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  13. I've been looking for someone to do Star Trek or Star Wars with. Send me a PM and we can discuss further :)
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  14. PM me to follow-up.

    Thanks for the reply.
  15. Yep, send me a PM

    Thanks for the reply.
  16. Still looking.
  17. Great :)

    PM me if you're in the mood to RP that story, nobody has taken that option yet.
  18. YOu have a lot of replies already but if your still up to rp i am very interested! 4 & 5 seem interesting but if those are already over done for you im okay with something else!!
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