Looking for female partners!! (FxF)

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  1. Hello once again (I feel like I say that a lot hehe)

    I am back with a plot that I've really wanted to do and I can't find anyone to do them with (so please be that person who wants to do one of them)

    Plot 1: Not About Angels (open)

    Muse A and Muse B were two bad people, both had sucky personalities and did horrible things. So when it was found out that these two people were in a relationship, all hell broke loose. Well, that was stretching the truth a bit but all in all, people were not happy. They were harassed for their relationship constantly and were looked down upon because they were together. But what the people saw on the outside, them holding hands while smoking...was not so pretty on the inside. They fought all the time whether it was verbal or physical, Muse B cheated and flirted around while Muse A constantly got high and did drugs. Muse A loved Muse B but it seemed as if the only time they could stand each other is if they were very drunk or very high. How will these two broken hearts try to mend each other when they aren't fixed themselves?
    •Looking for Muse B

    If you're interested pm me and I'll tell you about expectations and other stuff like that
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