Looking for fast replier.

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  1. Yeah, I'm into a lot of weird things but I can't list them out can I.
    Anyway i'm looking for someone who replies fast or at least fast enough that doesn't leave me hanging there for days or even weeks to obtain one short answer. I DON'T care about the post's length, it doesn't all have to be perfect and size annoying.
    Anyway, I am super flexible about pretty much everything except: desu characters and ojous (princesses and princes) and much less god-modding or people using my character. (which is pretty much a basic rule)

    I don't care about theme really, just give me your ideas and we'll discuss them out. (one sole thing i will not do: twilight referred stuff really, it's annoying. Fandom argh, I don't do fandom. Nor happy themes, i mean sugar coated ones)

    I am a romantic but mainly angst. so... uh, send me a reply and we'll discuss this ovo;
    try to be friendly... watch me fail
  2. I'd be willing to RP with you. And I reply quite quickly. ;)
  3. :D
    Imma just warn u tough, you may not be completely in agreement of what I preffer in the romantic topic D':
    And gimme ur ideas! D:
  4. if you have a plot idea I am open, I am a very swift responder so long as it is after I ger home from work
  5. Well, I'm into post apocalyptic business such as horror, wastelands, zombies, etc.
  6. Shit I didn't subscribe lol I don't do zombies but the rest is fine, pm me and we will work something out
  7. Haha, I'll give it a go with you. :]
  8. Uhm. It kind of, depends. What do you mostly rp as?
  9. Female, but I can do male.
  10. I see. I am more used to males >_<; thankfully for me...
    Uhm, themes?
  11. Haha, it's cool. It's been awhile since I've played a male character, but I'll try my best. XD
    And oh god, uhhhhhhhhh.... I'm having a bit of a train wreck right now. >______<
  12. Me too e_e; I haven't been able to keep up with anything at all.
  13. Oh god, right?! You think you are keeping up with things, but then you realize you aren't so you're all. "Oh fudge!"
  14. YES and then in the end when you actually find something you want to do, there's no one there to do it...
  15. Exactly! So you're back to square one again with you just ending up swearing up a storm.
  16. Hi! I am a very quick responder, I am always free!!
  17. @both: Zid is back on track so tell me your ideas ovo
  18. I'd be willing to try some horror! I reply pretty swiftly so long as my muse stays with me! I also like a bit of murder in my RPs
  19. As long as your character is a male i'm okay with it