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  1. Hey there I am looking for some series rps. I don't rp over MS or emails nor pms sadly. I would prefer to stick to the forums, also I only play submissive straight and bisexual females and I only play gay submissive males. Also I will not play dominant, that is something I shall never do. If you are interested in rp with me then please send me a pm. Anyways here are some series that I like to rp. One more thing, I do not play characters from series period.

    Here is a list of the series I like to rp.


    Avengers (Loki, Iron Man, Thor)
    Alice In Wonderland (The Hatter) [Tim Burton Version]
    X-Men (Wolverine, Gambit, Sabertooth)
    Star Trek (Spock, Khan, Tovok)
    The Dark Knight (The Joker, Bane)
    Pirates of the Caribbean (Jack Sparrow, Lord Cutler Becket, Commodore James Norrington)
    Sweeney Todd (Sweeney)
    Harry Potter (Remus, Severus, Lucius)
    Lord of the Rings (Legolas, Thranduil, Elrond, Aragon)
    Nightmare On Elm Street (Freddy)
    V is for Vendetta (V)
    The Lion King (Simba, Scar, Nuka, Kovu)
    Hunger Games (Gale, Finnick)
    City Of Bones (Magnus Bane, Jace)
    Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Himself) [Robert Downey Jr. One]
    Twilight Series (Jasper, Carlisle, Aro, Jacob, Edward)
    The Mummy (Ardeth Bay, Imhotep)
    Star Wars (Darth Maul, Qui Gon Jin, Obi Won Kenobi)
    Spider-Man (Peter Parker, Eddie Brock, Norman Osborn)
    Ghost Rider (Johnny Flame)


    Doctor Who (10th Doctor)
    Torchwood (Jack Harkness, Ianto, Captain John Hart)
    NCIS (McGee, Gibbs, Tony)
    CSI (Grissom, Nick Stokes, Greg Sanders, Warrick Brown)
    Dexter (Dexter Himself)
    House MD (House Himself)
    Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid)
    Bones (Booth, Hauges)
    The Walking Dead (Daryl Dixon)

    Animated Series

    Avartar: The Last Airbender (Aang, Zuko, Ozai)
    Inuyasha (Sesshomaru, Inuysha, Naraku, Koga)
    Naruto (Itachi, Sasuke, Orochimaru, Kakashi)
    Black Butler (Claude, Sebastian, Undertaker)
    Hellsing (Alucard)
  2. If you play characters from series why do you have the posted? As though you do?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.