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hello! my previous advertisement got archived, so i'm posting another. you can call me lynn, she/they, twenties. i've been rping for well over a decade now. any other relevant info is on my profile. ^^;;

i usually prefer canonxoc, doubling is encouraged. might do canonxcanon for some fandoms, but for others it's out of the question, sorry. while i can do any kind of pairing, all of my fandom ocs are women/femme leaning or neutral enbies, & i have no interest in making men/masc leaning ones. so just keep that in mind, i guess. lists of fandoms below!

ones i won't do canonxcanon for:
- my hero academia
- danganronpa (all series)
- sally face
- ouran high school host club
- cooking companions
- the arcana

ones i can do canonxcanon for:
- puella magi madoka magica
- revolutionary girl utena
- inuyasha
- happy sugar life
- doki doki literature club
- higurashi/umineko no naku koro ni
- omori
- avatar: the last airbender
- teen titans (2003)
- undertale
- fullmetal alchemist
- tokyo mew mew

i'm sure there are others but for some reason my mind is blanking rn. i guess if you're curious about a specific fandom not mentioned here, feel free to ask!!
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