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So, I want to try this idea again.

It was a stormy night Aya was in the car with her family. They were heading back from a summer vacation but the storm simply grew worse, unable to drive her father decides to pull over after seeing light through the trees. He pulls off driving up a long winding road to come upon a mansion. They all leave the car to take shelter at first the place seemed abandoned but after a few moments a demon stalked down the stairs. A female nine tailed fox demon. She planed to eat the family but Aya begged for her families lives. The demon took Intrest in the young girl and made a deal. The girl would remain with here as a servant and toy. The girl will have a year to find a way for the demon to leave the mansion she was trapped in. If the girl could not set the demon free in a year the demon would turn her into a lesser demon forcing her to remain with her till the end of time.

Pretty simple I'm looking for someone to play the female demon.
There are a few traits I would like the demon to have.
*shes dominant all the way.
*she can transform her nine tails into what ever she wants.
* she does have a few serve the spirits in the mansion

Besides that her looks back ground and reason for why she's been sealed in the mansion is up to you. Even the way to break her free is up to you I was hoping to find someone who could lay out a puzzle basically for the girl to solve if not I can handle how to free her.


Name: Aya Winstar
Age: 20
Occupation: college student
Family: mother, father, younger sister.


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I'm willing to give this a shot. I can work with premade characters if you pm me and give me the storyline and characters I can do dominate. also what are your limits? Also I only role play in PM.