Looking for F partner(s)

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  1. Hullo~!

    Thanks for checking out my partner request; I'm looking for females to do MxF roleplays with me via PMs only. I'm currently doing this with someone already and we're both massively enjoying it using the following format of sorts:

    I play as myself in the RP.
    My partner is currently playing her OC; but you're more than welcome to play as yourself as well.
    The setting can start anywhere, but it is modern; we started at a coed hot spring as somewhere to meet; we're currently in my house, so the RP will move around a bit.
    I'm open to pretty much anything but have limits on certain things; BDSM will never go to the heavy or extreme levels for example.
    Posting detail is explicit. While there is plenty of plot; there are many sexual scenes, and the detail is very vivid.
    I also expect quite a high level of intimacy; as I feel this makes everything better for both of the people involved.

    Before you ask; my avatar is my real pic, so you know who you're dealing with ^^
    I accept certain levels of outlandish characters; elves are okay, nekos are okay etc. ask me for more detail if you want to play something a little more; or less, than human.

    Although this is an 18+ Libertine partner request; I'm just as interested in meeting like-minded people and making new friends as I am in everything else.

    I also expect you to post at a reasonable rate and to a good standard; though I won't constantly ask you to post more than a paragraph all the time.

    Please PM me if you're interested or reply here ^^

    I look forward to meeting you all!